How many of the Winter Fun offers will you purchase?

Curiosity is getting the best of me here. I’m wondering with the massive amount of offers found on the calendar this month how everyone is managing things.

Not counting the free offers, there are 21 total offers for sale over the course of the calendar. How many offers do you see yourself buying before the calendar is done?

  • NONE!!! (I’m not susceptible to temptation.)
  • Less than 5
  • Between 5-10
  • More than 10
  • ALL OF THEM (show me the money!!!)

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Seasonal Event offers are typically good deals on Ascension Materials, but I don’t really have any reason to buy any Ascension Materials at this point.

The other offers, like today’s, have Emblems, which I refuse to buy.

So unless there’s something new and interesting in these offers, I don’t see myself buying any.

I would like to buy Presents from Rudolph again, though, if they offer it this year. That wasn’t a Winter Fun Offer Calendar offer, though, it was separate.


Voted, 5 to 10 with a budget of $1.99 each.
Mostly gems and mats.
Gems for a few pulls(1 Rudolph so far and a lucky Grimble😁), mats to ascents some more 4’s.
Have a merry and happy.


I’m hoping this offer comes back too, I thought for some reason it had been part of the winter calendar though :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for reminding me about that!

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I bought the compass n gems deal and that will be it! Unless the deals during Atlantis will benefit me!


I was even thinking of getting that one again (that was my very first purchase in the game last time). The second builder would be handy right now with post-SH20. I did get Valeria’s offer at Halloween for that reason.

Other than that the offers in the calendar don’t really appeal to me.

PS still not building Alchemy Lab though :rofl:.


I voted 5-10. I will surely snatch the 10€ offers that includes 4* mats and I am inclined to get the emblem deals as well. Any others, depending on the 4* mats included.

@zephyr1 I would definitely get that for all 3 of my profiles. Here is hoping they have that offer again.

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I’ve had really bad luck with D-blades compared to my other 4* mats so I bought the $10 deal that had one. I’m just happy it was a smaller deal since the only D-blade offered during Halloween was in a $100 package, and I wasn’t down. I dont see myself buying any other deal unless it’s just too good to be true but since I pretty much already know what kind of deals will be offered (they’re pretty much the same every time) I dont see that happening. So yeah likely just the 1.


I bought 3 offers of shields , 3 of gloves and one of Compass deal.
Waiting for hidden Blade and vip ones

Probably won’t be a VIP one as part of the Winter Deals. May be a secondary offer that’s made outside of it like the “Presents from Rudloph” offer shown in Zephyrs post in #2 on this thread.


As I recall I think the Rudolph’s Gift was already available by this point in December last year. I do remember debating for days before finally taking the plunge at just past mid-December. Maybe since they had this offer at Halloween it won’t be part of Christmas this time. Which would mean it will show up as “Hisan’s Droppings” next summer.


It went live on December 18 last year, and ran for 16 days.

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Huh, I didn’t think it was so late in the month. I thought for sure it ran out for me mid-Jan.

Now if I could just remember what I had for lunch today …


something below $19.99 maybe If it includes one or more of the 4* mats that are holding back the thirteen 5* heroes I have languishing in the 3/70 clubhouse bench
tonics, rings, telescopes, darts, tabards…what hero would actually need SIX of these things…ridiculous



This makes me laugh every time I see it lol


Anything with 4* ascension mats or loot tickets. Not much else.

Bought a compass, because I typically have lousy luck getting them.

Interested in 4* mats, but mainly darts, tonics, and rings. Will not buy the big packs though, just the 1k gem offers.

Fyi Presents from Rudolph is active again.

Available for the next 18 days (ends 4th January, same time as Christmas event)

Price in AUD:

Evidence of it extending VIP duration:


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