Offer, Presents from Rudolph ( 30d VIP & 400g )

Offer, Presents from Rudolph ( 30d VIP & 400g )

Posting here to reference in another topic.

For $2.99 USD, 30d VIP and 400 gems.


Will it add thirty days to the existing VIP? So I don’t have to wait until my pass expires?

Exactly. I had 65d left and now have 95


Yes. Had 4 days left now 34 days.

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I am just excited I got my dragon back…

Does this deal still give you the 30 gems daily + Loot Tickets + Extra Daily Summon?

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I just got 30 gems and loot tickets so I will say yes.

This deal is a steal…thanks SGG!


Yeah, Rockstar, this offer is great :wink: I wish there could be more offers like this :sunglasses:


Yes, you should be able to get 30 gems a day + loot tickets :wink:

You and me both. This month was tough on me money wise but I have picked up a couple.

Sucks because I would like Santa and Evelyn. Maybe I will get lucky.

Tis the season to be without money…


I think SGG is trying to lure players into trying VIP. This is like a 30-day free trial. Nice that it extends for existing, too!


Normally for that price you get 400 gems only, now you get 400 gem + 900 gem (30x30 days) + extra builder + daily loot tickets + extra summon (even if that generates feeders only). This is super good, even for those who normally want to be F2P.


VIP for $2.99 US and comes with 400 gems?!? :flushed:

Done deal! :+1:

1,300 Gems + 90 Loot Tickets for $2.99.

Yes this is definitely the best offer they’ve ever had!


Yup. According to the fine print this is the case even if you’re one of the people who buy the yearly pass

I wonder if they’re letting this offer break their usual vip pass limit because they’re planning to release this offer more than once this month

More likely it’s because it’s a limited-time offer. They don’t want to punish players who just bought a year of VIP.


Money money money.
Should give something like this as a freebie.
It is xmas

Does anyone know if this offer will remain as is for the whole 15 days, or will it be a different one every day?
I ask because I’d rather wait to purchase it when I’ll be better able to take advantage of it, but if it might disappear in the next few hours… I don’t want to regret it later. So, anyone who might have experience from last year or something like that?

I didn’t notice the expiration on the offer, but it will stay unchanged for as long as is shown on the clock.

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