Are those huge bundles offered worth it?

I am wondering if those offers with 11,000 gems, couple of ascension materials and handful of other stuff, for $100 is worth and/or a decent buy? I know there are some offers with better gems to cost ratio but if someone wanted to buy those gems to make a few 10x pulls, would these packs be worth the money?

I would say no

@Anchor just did a vid on this btw and i think he covered the subject pretty well(other than i didnt see the event offers mentioned as good or bad, but oh well)

I will say they’re still better than the normal gem prices offered in the shop

Still advise only buying the cheap offers tho and stockpiling those to strategize for pulls, once they’re gone don’t give into impulsions to instantly buy more as you’ll most likely just have to buy more again due to the horrible odds of getting a specific hero

Sure this is the best event to do pulls from, but still doesn’t mean go b*lls out


I would stock pile them, but I don’t mind the AM I guess and I wanted to do pulls for Avalon. I already made my pulls for this event and got a couple of good pulls so I am done with this event for now.

With summer event comin up soonish, you’ll probly find better deals on ascension mats

Would stock up on cheap offers until knights and get more bang for your buck rather than dropping a bunch on 1 offer for less return


Isn’t Knights of Avalon in July? I don’t think there will be enough small deals to save a couple of 10x pulls, at least.

I thought sand empires was in june?

My bad

Anyways if u wanna drop the cash, drop the cash

I’m not goin to talk you into it tho(and for the life of me can’t think of what avalon hero is worth dropping cash for honestly)

Do they have a lot of good deals during sand empires event? Sorry, I am not usually a spender and so I haven’t really noticed any of the offers on the side from events and stuff.

I am thinking about it but I don’t want to be too hasty before I spend it. Glad I didn’t do it, realized how much more I could save.

I want to get Arthur and maybe Guinevere. Would you advise not doing this event? I thought Avalon was one of the good summons to try for? Can you recommend a couple of events to try for? I know Atlantis is always good, I plan to wait for a good feature and/or hotm.

Atlantis and guardian event are my 2 most recommended portals personally

Mainly because of the 4* hero fallbacks

Think Valhalla could possibly make the list as well due to myst, brynhild, and others

Sure King arthur would be nice to have but odds are really really bad when chasing 1 specific hero and events dont offer much fallback for other heroes due to such small pools

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I understand what you mean. I am going to step back and rethink things through. Thanks for your help and advice, it was very helpful. Have a good day!

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About challenge offers… :crazy_face:

Which one you applied to yourself and your needs?
Offers 3 and 5 not bad…But…
Don’t forget that you can summon 10 heroes for 2600 gems🤪

Do you recon worth it waiting till July? :roll_eyes: