Is it woth having more than one of same 3* star hero and if so which ones or all

Having more than one of 3* heroes is advisable or should the second and later ones be used to level up the other 3* , 4* and 5* heroes?. If more than one 3* heroes are good then which ones are they?

Once you get 4* and 5*. U will abandon 3*.

At least keep two 3* for each color especially fast mana. For average mana of 3* worth to keep only healer such as belith and hawkmoon. The rest is junk

You can keep them to do challenges where only 3* hero’s are allowed and second thing you want to keep them for is war.

If you do not have 30 hero’s in 4* or 5* than you will be needing them to complete your 6 teams that you can field during war.

There are challenges where you can only bring 3* hero’s so make sure you have those to be able to participate.

Until You dont have 30 4* heroes it is definately useful to keep excess 3* around - fast hitters (valen, bane, berden,balthaxar,nashgar) to use them as monocolour clean up teams in war when only 1 or 2 heros are in enemy side - 5 level 1 Valens can kill fully maxed 4* red hero with 6-7 tiles

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I would personally wait until we see what the new Raid challenges are.

Having said that, the further you get into the game, the more you realise that 3* (and even 4*) come along often enough that you don’t need to hoard them.

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i have seen a video of 4 3 stars yellows and 1 4 star green killing the end boss
also a lot of heeling pots was used as well as about half a hour but it can be done
so its not the stars its what they can do
so i would keep 3 banes :smiley:

ps dont forget there are adventures and quests comming out later during the year that can only use 3 stars so keep them if you have room


Having 3* heroes is essential I understand. my question was having more number of same heroes for instance having 2 or 3 Jahangir.


this is what i would keep
banes x 6
azar x 6
rest all 3 stars im keeping ALL atlantis heros x 6
then 3 3 stars
the last santa challange the guy who won the event used 5 x balhazzars novice section.
so this got me thinking,
also pends on your four or five stars war teams
and hero roster room as well
if you need room or want to raise a four or five star up fast then feed away
ps you dont need much room to collect your over night cookers they could stay there for ever and ever and let them build up and sit in your t camps untill you have enough food and ■■■ items to feed and levle them up

Honestly, I wouldn’t keep more than two to three dupes of a certain 3*, and even then it would only be for competing in the beginner tier of challenge events. Maybe when they introduce raiding challenges, but even then, you probably won’t use more than one or two Bane’s. Another thing would be for war, if you’re lacking enough heroes to field six decent teams, but even then you’d still have to level them. So yeah, probably not (unless you want to compete).

Although, they will be implementing a way to increase a stuck hero’s skill to max easier. So say your 3* is at 3/50 with a 6/8 skill, you’ll want dupes of said hero to fix that. Should be implemented fairly soon.

Honestly, the ones I’d keep dupes of would be the best offensive hitters in that color. Only time I’d suggest keeping any other dupes, is if you’re lacking healers/buffers/dispellers/cleansers for war.

For heroes worth keeping dupes of:

Best Hitters:

Bane, Balthazar, Berden, Mnesseus, Valen, Gato, Rudolph, Nashgar, Namahage

Others (Healers/Buffers):

Hawkmoon, Belith, Brienne, Melia, Gill-Ra, Kailani, Gunnar

Other Good 3* Worth Keeping One Of:

Ulmer, Azar, Gan Ju, Tyrum, Chochin.

But honestly, you could probably collect them easily enough later on, as long as you’re running enough TC’s and/or do several pulls every so often. If you aren’t going to level them immediately, well then there’s really no sense in clogging up the hero space with those easily obtainable 3*.

Although, I would recommend spending the few gems to expand your hero space over eating heroes you’re unsure about getting rid of for good. If you don’t do many pulls or run too many TC’s, I could understand being a little hesitant and keeping some just in case you decide to compete later on. Especially if you don’t have at least 30 useable heroes for war currently. Other than that though, if you don’t care about competing and already have enough heroes, then there’s not a whole lot left to worry about (at least not yet).


I have 4xNamahage for challenge events.

Family bonus. :slight_smile:

I have a second Jahangir. My first one is maxed out and reached 8 too… Should I level up second Jahangir or feed to 4* hero

Family bonus only works for unique heroes - 4 Nam-s get 0 bonus


You sure? I didn’t try it.

Anyway, even if that’s the case, I’d still take 4 Namahages and generally Atlantis 3stars over any regular 3star.

No, I wouldn’t bother unless you need more leveled heroes for war. One Jahangir is enough for anyone :wink:

Thank you for the advice. i think what you say makes more sense to me. I will follow that

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