Event 3*, not sure how many I need to keep

Hello =)

Got quite a few 3* heroes now, and not sure how many I should keep for the events, if I want to try to get top 50/100 in the future.

Purple: Balth x2, Tyrum, Chochin (also got Prisca)
Yellow: Bane x2, Melia, Kailani
Green: Carver, Berden, Brienne (no Belith yet but will keep when I get her)
Red: Nashgar x2, Hawkmoon, Rudolph
Blue: Gato, Karil, Ulmer, Gunnar (no Valen yet, also have Graymane)

Id like to eat Prisca and Graymane, and not sure if I should lvl another Balth, Bane and Nashgar to get 5 total of those colors (I already have them but not leveled up). Decided to keep Rudolph over Azar as theyre very similar.

Do I need 5 of each color?
Should I get 5 of each of the best ones (5x Balth and so on)?

Any advice would be appreciated!

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