How is tile damage calculated when hitting titans?

Hello, I was wondering how is tile damage calculated when hitting titans?
I mean in your titan team you have a slot for special purpose - elemental debuff, defense debuff, attack buff, high tile damage, miki/tarlak/ranvir. So this high tile damage affects how much damage your tiles do to the titan BUT does it take only your team’s highest attack power stat into consideration or ALL team members’ attack stats. Let me rephrase - is it worth emblemming all your titan heroes for attack power so your tile damage goes even higher or just 1 hero is enough with high attack?

tile damage takes into account the accumulated attack stats(buffed or otherwise) of all the heroes you’re using in that tile’s given color. buffs from specials or items apply to multiple or all heroes in the team so no i don’t think embleming every hero on every titan team is worth it or even feasible without sacrificing other areas. my titan teams are typically:

def dropper
elemental defense dropper
attack buffer
high att stat hero
miki/tarlak/ranvir/wu(miki for me but i know not all have him and of course i didn’t always either)

now with that said, i wouldn’t emblem heroes for titans. just me.

titans cap, and as you can see pvp defense and offense teams just keep getting stronger stat wise with each new addition

so i would go the progressive route of embleming your pvp heroes

i use non emblemed heroes on titans without issue, some have emblems cause i use them in wars but if i didn’t then they wouldn’t have emblems


Thank you sir!
yeah…since i dont have many emblems giving them to titan heroes will cripple my raid heroes a lot.

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