How deep and how many

At the end for the challenge I did a 20 pull. I got 2 Jackels, 3 falcons, Gormek, Skittel, Panther, Rigard, Li Xui, 2 bats and 3*feeders.
Before this I was 11 deep with 4’s&mostly 5’s that are topped and looking at emblems.
Jackel+9, Gormek+9, Skittel(striped emblems) Rigard+20,4-70,1-1 so not 4th copy

So how many copied are reasonable and what do I do with the extra? In past I would feed them to other hero’s but the rumors about the hero academy get me wondering.

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Grats on the AMAZING pull. It sounds as I would be happier than you are. I am NOT holding my breath on the HA being any good, after the pile of fertilizer of the AL.

Congratulations on the pull. Well done.
With regards to duplicates a lot depends on your roster.
Some heroes are worth keeping copies of and others not.
I have five copies of Rigard for example, but only because I haven’t got a 5* healer
I would keep 3 x Jackal and 3 x Falcon
And yes keep 2 x bat
Good luck

You probably will never use multiple Skittles and rare you will need multiple Falcons. However, the Jackals are golden and will be for a while. I have 2 maxed with emblems and will soon start leveling a 3rd.

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Why max emblem multiple jackals? I was also told to do this and only ever did the one, still have 2 unleveled. Pulled the chameleon and im not sure what to with it…

War will probably be dominated by Purple tanks for at least another 5 months. They may or may not be at your level, but 2\3 wars for me are against purple tanks. Jackal is needed for depth and 4s need emblems to hold up against level 17+ 5* defenses.

In any case, he is one of the few very-fast 4s and the best one. He works well duplicated in tournament defense and offense. I use both of mine all the time on offense and one of the worst defenses I ever faced had 4.

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