Who should I focus on, Lots of 4/5 stars, lacking direction!

Hey everyone, let me preface this post with a shoutout to this game and the community, as a member who has only lurked for about a month this has shown to be a great forum, that being said, can i get some advice on who to focus on. I went a little crazy with my pulls over the last couple weeks and im in a situation where I don’t know who to max! I realized that its probably a good idea to max my 4* before my 5* because i have only 1/2 of the 4* ascension items. That being said, who should i focus??

Looking on advice for Raids/Wars, titans, and defense.

Here is my roster below:

image1 image2

Thanks for your time and help

You have weeks before your current five are maxed or hit the mat wall.

I would lvl jackal, kiril > grimm, falcon, melandor and ameona as it doesn’t look like you have another healer besides rigard.

You have a vast field. :slight_smile:

from what you already have you can start with
Rigard, Wu Kong, Sonya, Melendor (or may be Gaderius to have a more offensive hero), Scarlett as a first rainbow team.

For defense (raids) it’s worth maxing Kashhrek as a tank (middle hero), but before he is available, Rigard could be a tank.

As a purple attacking hero - Tiburtus to replace Rigard in a rainbow team if you’ll work on Melendor.

blue Grimm or Triton (Kiril as an alternative healer and for Alliance Wars).

yellow Guardian Jackal
red Guardian Falcon for green titans

Awesome thanks for the advice!!

Okay based on your and 12ider’s advice

Attack: Jackal, Grimm, Scarlett, Melandor, Tiburtus
Defense: Rigard, Sonja, Kashhrek, Scarlett, Jackal

Red Titan: Grimm, Sonja, Kiril, Wukong, Jackal
Green Titan: Scarlett, Falcon, Wukong, Jackal, Tiburtus,
Blue Titan: Melandor, Horghall, Gaderius, Wukong, Jackal
Yellow Titan: Amoenna, Tiburtus, Domitia, Wukong, Scarlett
Purple Titan: Jackal, Wukong, Grimm, Scarlett, Kiril

So in order of populariity:

should be my main focus

I’d probably max Wu Kong before Jackal. Jackal reduces defense agains yellow, which is good, but Wu Kong boosts greatly all the damage your team does. Especially tile damage. It will help you in farming, raids and agains titans of any color. You can read about Wu Kong here on the forum (benefits and drawbacks). I’m sure there was a topic about maxing Jackal or Wu first.

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I already have his special 8/8, do i need to level him more?

Special is only a half of a hero leveling. To make him useful as a yellow hero, you need to bring him to 4/70 (70th level of 4th ascension ). Otherwise he will not have enough health, attack strength and defense. For this you’ll need 4 Magic Orbs, Compass and Fine Gloves.

@RakeJay I was assuming you were going to finish your team1 first.

As for kiril and grimm, both r two of the best 4* but I think kiril will be more useful for you.

He has solid stats, plus gives you healing, 30% attack boost (dragon banner) and 30% defense boost (turtle banner) for your entire team.

He will help you in every facet of the the game and even more valuable in challenges and events.

Kiril > Grimm

Can’t really designate very many heroes as strictly attack or defense heroes. Kashrek is just a defense hero but other than that I think it’s odd to say “this hero for my attacking team.” Your attack teams should change based on the defending team. You have a great base of 4* heroes and I think your first priority is just to max the ones you’ve already come so far with. I would place Melendor higher up on your current greens to level. He’s a great attacker and a good defender at the stage of the game you’re at. High attack stat, big heal, buff dispeller. He’s a better first choice over kashrek and I wouldn’t level gadeirus at all honestly. So your first rainbow team will look like sonya, melendor, Rigard, Scarlett, Wu Kong. Nice mix of healing, hitting, buff and debuff. Second set is work on is falcon, jackal, Grimm, tiburtus and little John. Early game focus should be aggressive heroes I think so lots of debuffs and hitters with good attack stats. That’ll help you earn ascension items.

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