How deep to build your roster?

Maybe the better question is how many duplicate heroes should one keep?

I was trying to be a good boy and save my gems for a future event, but the Fables Summon got me this morning. I did a 10 pull and got who I was after (Hansel) and it resulted in being a rather good pull. I pulled Hansel twice, Gretel, Rigard, BT, LJ, and Colen and 3 x 3*. Yes, that was only one 10 pull and I was pretty blown away by the results. No 5* and I’m okay with that for where I am in the game. I’ve got 2 x 5* and they’re bleeding me dry, to the point I actually quit trying to level them.

Sidenote: My 15 year old son started playing with me so I bought him some gems to get some better heroes and that fool pulled Obakan and Clarissa on his first ever 10 pull. I was a little jealous, LOL! Plus some quality 4*'s but he’s listening and focusing on his 3* team at the moment.

As I went to lock them in I got to looking and I have multiple duplicates and some triplicates.

I have 3 x BT and Colen. My intent is only to keep two of each. Would you keep all 3? BT I can potentially see keeping all of them [for a while]. I have healers coming out my nose and I’ve put more focus on Gormek and not leveled any of my Colens’.

What would you do? Keep them all? Roster space is becoming an issue at this point. I’ve bought more space a few times and currently have 10 open spots for feeders.

As well, I’m curious what other players do.

I probably won’t do another pull until KoA or Pirates of Correllia, granted I wouldn’t mind having Guardian Jackal, but may wait until November for him.

Thank you for your time and thoughts/inputs/suggestions.

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you can sort of design a roster by feature.

For raid tournaments-

  • rush:
    I find its awesome to have 3-4 slow heroes for each color at the 3* and 4* level for the rush attack tournaments. a little less awesome to have slow heroes at the 5* level but they do dominate in rush.

  • buff booster:
    Same thing here, 3-4 heroes at each star level with buffs that stack per color. Obviously not an easy thing to accomplish for some colors and especially at the 5* level.

  • no heals or revives bloody battle:
    same thing here too, 3-4 non healer heroes at each star level for each color. This is the easiest of the raid tournaments to build a roster for :smiley:

Alliance wars:

6 teams of 5 with the ability to produce 6 mono teams (all of one color) or 6 3+2 teams, whatever your style. This gets a lot more complex if you’re in a competitive alliance but not going to go there for this post.

1 def down (e.g.Grim for blue) and 1 elemental def down (e.g. nordri for blue) per color plus an attack buffer per color plus Wu, Ravir or Miki and a hero with a very high attack score per color.

Emblem Class quests:
A team able to clear the emblem class quests- ideally with a healer for as many of these different combos as possible.


10 teams of 5 heroes.

So my answer is, a lot of depth!!! good luck!!!


I keep the pool of heroes rather small. Along the road you will summon more and more heroes and you can’t keep them all. The A/A+ heroes are keepers and the rest I feed it away. That clears the roster alot. Also I always color feed the heroes in a rainbow team. Never all feeders to one heroes. That’s more exp effiecient way to level hero. A second rainbow team is standby when one hero of the first rainbow is ready. When playing I use the available heroes. Usually they are the 3/60 4* heroes. Not the optimum team but you got to play the cards you have. And last thing I don’t do 10/30 pulls each month. You end up with ridiculous amount of heroes and they can’t be all maxed.
That’s what I do as C2P.

I always advise people to buy hero slots rather than feed away heroes you may need later. But the advice about thinking what you need is good

I would keep 3 BTs for instance but only one Colen… if you colour stack red In wars 3 red healers will be useful… it does vary by hero and you have to think how you use them.
The short answer is you need a deep roster and if you engage in all the various activities you need heroes at all levels.that takes a lot of room

Glad you are focusing on 4* at the start… that pays off most


Everyone is different but I keep dupe Rigard and BT and 1 of every 4* and most of every 3* (5+ teams of 3*)

If I wasn’t stupid I shouldn’t have fed away my spare Kiril but oh well.

That already fills my roster up pretty full

I’ve kept and leveled one of every 3* and 4* and duplicates of great 4* heroes like BT, Hansel, Wilbur, etc… I don’t have triples of any heroes except Guardian Jackal who is a stone cold killer. If I had a 3rd Hansel, I might keep him. I’ve kept all my duplicate 5*s on the hopes of the Hero Academy making them something other than feeder material.


I did buy hero slots while the cost was still 50 gems for 5 slots. Now I’m being charged 100 gems, so I am resisting :slight_smile:

Right now I have many duplicates of 4*, and I have kept all duplicates of 5*. But I fed away some triplicates recently, because my roster was overflowing. (I always keep at least one of each unique 3*, 4* and 5* - even ones at 1/1 for example - never know when they eventually become useful).

For Healers, I ended up keeping only duplicates because I have enough (2 each Sabina, Rigard, Lady Woolerton, Kiril, Melendor, Boldtusk, plus an Aeron).

Every time I have less than 10 slots left, I do a review of my roster and see if there’s anyone I can feed away. It forces me to be really strict. Recently fed away my 2nd Mnesseus, Rudolph and Squire Wabbit, because I simply don’t have the space… and I have enough other Green and Red 3*s to run mono.


Buying more hero slots depends on whether you feel you will be playing this game long term or not.

As you can sense, the game is designed for long term play and deepening hero rosters for war, tournaments and events.

There are a lot of people playing 1+ or 2+ years already.

If you look at it from long term play point of view, then the cost of expanding your hero slots doesn’t seem so bad.

I like the game for wars (and titans), so I made it a point to keep at least 2 or 3 of heroes and level them to make a deeper war roster. It’s fun to match what heroes to send into the field. So I felt like the hero slots over time is more an investment into the quality of gameplay.

Deepening your roster with wide range of 4* vs chasing after elusive 5* is another satisfying approach to game play… and better for expectations.

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I try to keep nearly 50 spaces for feeders - i eventially bought the 100 gem spaces but my line was at 150 gems/per. I consider myself vc2p, i only buy vip or valor each month, although last year when valor wasn’t out i almost constantly had vip. I keep all of my unique 3 and 4 stars, and i have kept 4 star dupes of proteus only (2 still @ 1.1, one at 4.70 +20). I’ve fed away all my other 3 and 4 star dupes, although with costumes now i would keep at least 1 extra of rigard, bt, sonya, and maybe one or 2 others. There are a few 3 star dupes i might keep too, kvasir and nordri and pixie among them, and i kept some dupes of the event top-placing superstars i keep seeing (namahage and gato so far). Event/non s1 4 stars I’d probably keep any dupes, since they’re rare enough that if i ever want another they’d be hard to replace. Five stars i always keep all of, but I’ve only got a dozen or so and only 3 or 4 are dupes.

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