Hunters Lodge Crafting Costs: Proposed Adjustment

Having worked tirelessly at researching the best uses and value from the Lodge, here is my summary, snd also some suggestions to SG I think are worth trying…

Back story: Since day 1 I have taken quite a scientific approach for these items, also as sn alliance monitoring part drop rates on 14* (yet to escape)

As such i have sone several videos on usage of items, but this post is focussing on where items appear of use, and the conparative costs.

For this purpose I am going to assume Iron and Food are not an issue.

  1. Harpoons - a needed item that requires easily farmed items, let’s not waste time, they are good.
  2. Titan banners - I have been playing with these and find for the cost, they are really good when combined with big item hits the relative cost and drain on titan parts means most of the time, dragon banners are fine
  3. Titanium shields - at 1 shell and 1 beak each, there is no better use of those resources in the entire hierarchy than to sling a shield over some fletchers (1* unlevelled, 1* troop). Simply put, using beaks or shells for anything else is a waste.
  4. Panecea - It heals, is an antidote (albeit expensive) and helps defence. Sadly the def probably isn’t going to save you in a titan battle, but as it crafts with eye,fang and egg (and of those only eggs are somewhat useful elsewhere) why not take when slots are limited.
  5. Invisibility potion- Uses a beak, makes 1 person not be hit. Trust me, take a timestop and save mats. SG needs to fix this. My proposal: make it not need a beak, make it affect whole team, up food cost 50k.
  6. Valkyries bane - an item that uses the egg, also uses feathers and spines which are plenty in supply. Useful on titan hits where you aren’t taking harpoons and need def down (yellow titan teams most people) , of little use except against titans or complete hard missions you cannot do otherwise.
  7. Hunters caltrops - great against last lvl trial with boril or red aincent tiger titan, useless otherwise. Worth it just for tiger alone, keep a few handy but don’t go crazy.
  8. Hurricane - man i was so hoping these and tornadoes together would be awesome, especially with scrolls (next) but, they cost 4 shells each! Shells are the most valuable for titanium shields, so spending 20 here to load 1 titan hit just isn’t worth it. SG - proposed change, drop shell requirements add 3 more spines needed.
  9. Scrolls of alteration- great, worth it, take 5 into a battle but also take a great team, 5 tornadoes and alternate scrolls with tornadoes for better effect. Expensive, so really do only use when uou have a top notch team AND a good starting board.
  10. Time freeze - I will be honest, not developed this yet but don’t see why its better than a cheaper timestop (almost 2 in iron)



A great little summary. I’m still only as far as shields, but this is food (and iron) for thought


Nice post @LadyKatryn :+1:

I haven’t researched any hunters items so far due to an everlasting lack of ham, but collected many titan parts.

I’m saving for harpoons now.

Is there a pic or list of crafting costs and what the items will do, that can be linked to or shown here?

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Here you can find all you need.


So if i understand you, only the poon is of actual value and Valkyrie bane and Caktrops are only marginally useful and the rest the return on investment is not worth it?

The titanium shields are amazing. At least get to them :slight_smile: the rest isn’t going yo make you superman (very often) due to the high costs.

Bumping this post, because the costs are really too high. Please SG make something about it.

A little update : Since the Titanium shield nerf, the Hurricanes are now a better use of mats than shields but still terrible value.