House Cleaning - Need HeLp!

Guys, I am doing house cleaning but undecided on which heroes need to shift out.

  1. Which 3 * should become a feeder?

  2. Which 4 * dupes need to keep?

  3. I’ve got enough AM for three 4 star heroes to final tier. Which one should I ascend? Or perhaps wait untill I’ve got enough telescopes and tabbards for the 5 *?

Thanks in advance.

Is buying some extra capacity an option? I paid a little for extra space and thought it was worth it all day long. You’ll want to keep all of those heroes 3* and up, especially with class quests and AW.

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Buying extra slot isn’t a problem. Right now I can accomodate up to 97 heroes but I’d prefer them to look tidy. I’ll definately keep the leveled 3 * though.

Hmm. You’ll want to keep at least 2-3 3* of every color for challenges, raid tournaments, and stuff like that so I would keep all your current 3s. If you want to eliminate some 4, I would recycle your 2nd Kashrek, your 3rd Chao, and maybe your 3rd Grimm since you have Triton too. It looks like you already put a lot of work into your 3rd Sabina but I would consider feeding her to your Rigard and get him leveled up. I don’t have experience with Gobbler but a 2nd one might not be necessary either.

Those are my votes if you’re looking to trim. Eventually though, you’ll want a deep bench of every color for AW and class quests so I’m hesitant to tell you to recycle 4*s if you think you’ll have resources to level them later on and if you don’t anticipate getting a lot of new heroes down the road. TC20 is tough to count on because you never know what you’re gonna get. I like your lineup though, nice job so far.


Thanks a lot for the thorough suggestion.
I was in the middle of leveling up a 3rd Sabina for AW when Kunchen and Rigard show up. Today, Obakan pop up from tc20.
I don’t believe I actually level a 2nd Wu Kong to 3 60 too but at that time, he is my only other yellow.

I will probably dispose the 3rd Grimm, 3rd Gormek, 3rd Chao, 3rd Wu Kong and 2nd Gobbler.
But that will be very much depend on the summons result from Avalon and Teltoc.

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