Need help clearing out Hero space

So I’ve been at this game for about a few months and I’ve accumulated quite a few heroes and some duplicates. I’m now running out of space and can’t decide on who to let go. I was wondering if I can get some input on whose worth keeping and who should go. I do constant wars with my alliance and do attack the Titan as much as I can. Thank you I’d appreciate any feedback. I’ve uploaded screenshots of my inventory looking forward to hearing from all of you…

First I see: I think you’ll never need 2 Gill-Ras and 2 Muggys? I kept dupes of them for a while, but then I thought about it…I’d never put 2 of them in a defense, in challenge events I don’t need 2 of them, too…maybe for war, but you also have Rigards…and I never tried Muggy in war. If it’s the same for you, get rid of them (the dupes! keep one, of course).

Same for Belith, if both were maxed, they’d serve in wars if not enough 4* healers are available, but they’re on 1/1 - I’d say, get rid of one. If you get some Namahage(s) or Rudolph(s), you can let go of the unleveled Nashgar dupes, too.

Second and third Colen: dunno, I only kept one at all, 'cause he seems to stay on 3/60 forever and I thought, before I maxed the first, I get a new one, if I’d really need a 2nd. :smiley:

That were my thoughts on your roster :slight_smile:

In general:

  1. do I use the hero?
  2. do I need the hero and will level him?
  3. is it a rare one, not easy to get? Is he the only copy?
  4. in which scenario would I use a dupe?
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I’d eat dupes of gillra, Colen, Nash, ulmer, and Jahangir…

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  1. I’d more hero space with gems.

  2. I’d feed duplicate 3* heroes that can come from regular summons to a matching hero that you are working on, if the duplicate is unascended, and the other one is not maxed in both level and special. Example: you have Belith & Nashgar untouched. I’d work on them, and feed one Belith to the other one you are leveling, just get them up past first ascension, so you don’t do it when the feeding is super easy. I’d work on Hawkmoon the same way.

  3. You have a leveled Muggy unemblemed. I am guessing that is because the special isn’t maxed, because you sure have a lot of emblemed duplicate 3* heroes. You can easily get his special up by feeding 10 levels worth of greens to him, or 1 Muggy.

  4. Eventually the second emblemed Ulmer & Jahangir will probably become food, so you may want to recoup those emblems before doing so.

  5. Who are the 5 heroes you are working on now? I’d be feeding as much on-color as possible, especially for non- 5* heroes.

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Thanks alot for the help. I’ll be clearing out some dupes now with your help.

Team 1 is who I usually go with. I do switch out some heores depending on challenge or Titan.

One other thing I forgot:

I’d set up a team to be the team you are working on leveling, even if it’s not one you use much, maybe team 2, but many use team 1. Rename it “leveleing” or “priority” or something like that, and you can always find the 5 projects you have easily.

Good luck & have fun.