Need an intervention - please help this hero hoarder

Hello all,

I have just realized that I am a hero and AM hoarder. I know roster space is cheap but I have started to wonder do I really need to keep 5 Sonyas and 5 BTs? I also have some paralysis with not using my AMs unless the players are A rated. I’m hoping you can help. I like to play the whole game so I’m looking to keep as many heros as I need to keep me as versatile as possible for whatever the devs have to offer. So I have 2 questions, first, for the dupes I have how many of each one should I keep. Second, which of each color should I ascend and in what order (probably just need top 3 of each color). I listed my my 5* and 4* roster below. Thank you in advance for the advice!!

I currently have 8 DBs, 8 ToTs, 17 compasses, 10 gloves

Red (6 Rings,15 blades)
BT (4.70+1, 3.60, 1.17, 1.1, 1.1), Scarlett (3.60), Gormek (3.60, 3.60), Colen (3.60, 1.1), Sir Lancelot (3.60), Kelile (3.58)

Green (4 MTs, 8 shields)
Lianna (4.78), MN (3.70), Horghall (2.60, 1.1), Melendor (3.60, 3.60, 1.1, 1.1), LJ (3.60, 1.1), Caedmon (2.44, 1.1, 1.1), Skittle (1.1), Kashrek (1.1, 1.1)

Yellow (8 Darts,23 orbs)
Wu (3.70+1), Chao (3.60, 3.60), Li Xiu (3.60, 3.60), Hu Tao (3.60, 3.60)

Purple (9 Tabards, 17 trap tools)
Obakan (3.70), Quintus (3.70), Cyprian (3.60, 3.60), Sabina (3.60), Rigard (3.60)

Blue (7 FTs, 15 warm capes)
Magni (3.39), Richard (3.61), Kiril (4.70, 3.60, 1.1), Sonya (3.60, 1.1, 1.1, 1.1, 1.1), Grimm (3.60, 3.16), Boril (3.60), Agwe (3.60)

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Keeping duplicates is a good question.
For me I have kept duplicate 4* for them all except:
Skittleskull, Sumitomo, Agwe, Colen, Danzaburo, Gafar, Gobbler, Hu Tao, Jabbar, Kashhrek, Kelile, Little John and Li Xiu.
I have kept multiple Boldtusk, Rigard, Melendor, Kiril, Proteus, Guardian Jackal, Grimm and Buddy.
As a general rule of thumb I have kept two of each 3*.
And have kept all 5* duplicates.
For your current red - Boldtusk, Scarlett, Kelile
Green - Lianna, Melendor, Caedmon
Yellow - Li Xiu and Chao
Purple - Rigard, Sabina, Cyprian
Blue - Magni (Richard if you want a tank), Kiril, Grimm,
Good luck with your roster


Why would you keep two of each 3*? One seems plenty for most 3*s no? Maybe I’m missing something

For me, I think there is a lack of some really good 3*. As an example 3* purple. So when I pulled S3 Bjorn x 4, I was thinking wow, I will keep 2 or 3 of him for stacking or say Teltoc etc.
But when I pulled 4 x 3* Ei-Dunn, I thought ok, maybe only keep 2 of these lol


To add to the good suggestions above… S1 heroes will be easier to come by… so you probably don’t have to keep as many of those… unless you like both regular and costumed version of some.

4* dupes worth keeping
a) 3 or more

  • Proteus
  • Rigard

b) only 2

  • all the healers
  • Hansel
  • Guardian Jackal
  • Guardian Falcon
  • Grimm
  • Mist
  • all with costumes

There’s no need of keeping dupes of any other epic.

If you fight wars with stacked colours vs teams that use unified tanks, keeping at least 6 jackals is a no brainer. Purple is a very (the most?) common tank colour at the moment and having the ability to run the elemental down hero vs the enemy all six flags would be a boon. Counselling players to feed away a relatively uncommon hero for roster space of this importance is a mistake, imho.

With the current HotM and Heimhall we may so a rapid uptick in green tanks - therefore BT and Falcon may look to be very useful going forward. I’d keep a wars worth of them too.

Kiril and Grimm are such a strong blue 1/2 punch that I’d keep at least a trio of each.

This goes down the line for these 4 stars which are fairly cost effective ways to round out your war roster with strong-colour heroes

Rigard’s costume makes him a proto-five star. Vs yellow tanks he’s golden.


Thank you all for the advice!

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