Cleaning house (which hero can i feed off?)

Sorry, i have posted something similar but on 3* heroes. My question now goes to 4* heroes. Which ones are worth keeping and ascending? Which ones should i feed off. I am looking for value in wars mainly…

Cheshire cat, stoneweave, or 2nd proteus
I have: sabina rigard tibs proteus cyprian and gafar maxed

Capt diamonds, triton, or mireweave
I have: sonya kiril boril grimm and valeria maxed

I am looking to use 5-6 per color only.

Note: i know that buying roster space can solve my problems, but i dont think i really want to… id rather save up the gems for a 10/30 pull somewhere (c2p only)

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Out of what you have, the only hero I would feed off is mireweave. I maxed two to use in concert with each other and am disappointed in the results, so I fed off the 2nd and kept the first; for now.

Stonecleave is underrated and you should keep him. I’ve used him to great effect in Tourneys and he’s saved my butt more than once. Should be able to do the same for you in war.

NEVER feed off Triton! He’s a great sniper and he boosts healing so he will make BT and Kiril nearly on par with dedicated 4* healers.


Any reason only 5-6 per color? I ask because they are very useful in the Tavern of Legends… As a CTP extra roster spaces are likely the very best investment you can make. (Personal experience, your mileage may differ.)


Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll keep at least one of each unique hero. And then I have maxed duplicates of 4* heroes for war depth. I’m ftp and my main usage of gems are (in order): accelerating monster and raid chests when needed, buying roster space, accelerating construction (rare), hero pulls. Honestly, given the low percentages on hero pulls, having an expanded roster and flexibility for war depth is a better investment, if you concentrate on wars.

I couldn’t imagine eating a second Proteus as I’m currently maxing my 3rd one.


I personally hate fighting against Cheshire Cat, so I would definetely keep him. I am equaly dissapointed with Mireweave, however his mana fills really quickly and can be useful in that sense. Proteus, in my opinion… if you have one that’s plenty. :slight_smile:

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Chuck Stoneweave and Mireweave…they are hot garbage.

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Not now with Tabern OL. Lvling my second one now.

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My experience is that Stonecleave is sorely underrated. He is actually a pretty good hero, IMO. Mireweave disappoints, though.

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Keep them all, You may regret feeding them if meta changes or there are some changes in game that involve those heroes. Only if you have a 3rd copy of a S-1 hero I´d consider using as food.


I disagree. When you consider how useful Proteus is on raids, having another one for war depth is useful, i.e. for a second team wouldn’t you say? When I’m going through wars, I’ll definitely use 2 and then wish I had another one, which I luckily got. That’s considering that I also have Malosi, Merlin, and 2x Peters. It guarantees that on all 6 attack flags, I’m going to do some sort of mana stop/effect to neutralize specials.


is it normal that all of these links do not work for me and mark expired?[quote=“Quinn3, post:10, topic:206772”]
When you consider how useful Proteus is on raids, having another one for war depth is useful, i.e. for a second team wouldn’t you say?

Perhaps. Maybe I need more trial time with Proteus and have judged him too quickly.

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Agree with @Quinn3 on second Proteus. I don’t have Hel, and would use a second Proteus for Tavern of Legends. Come to think of it, that’s quite a niche use… :sweat_smile:

To the OP, I’d definitely keep a Cheshire Cat. He doesn’t make my main purple team but he’s good for a clean-up, and he can be useful for titans/raid tournaments.

I’d keep Triton too. Don’t have Captain of Diamonds and Mireweave.

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I’ve played f2p for 6 months, c2p - vip plus $20/mth for 6 months and am currently vc2p - <$5/mth no vip since April

I can tell you hands down, the best investment for my gems was roster space. As a low spender, you do not want to feed away hard to get heroes. I keep a unique copy of every hero 3-5* and try to max at least one.

3s - I keep copies till I max one, to top off any lagging specials. Then I feed them away except I’ve kept a copy of Kvasir and Bjorn.

4s - I keep one original of all and one dupe of any non tc20 heroes that I have already maxed. I’ve kept a copy of BT and Rigard, in case more ToL format events come up.

5s - I keep all copies in forever optimistic hope of reaching HA10 … one day. Someday.

While most of my gems are used for summons, I agree that it’s probably one of the least satisfying places to pump in gems … unless you like buying feeders for gems. Still … heroes are what make the game … so we persevere.

I’ve used gems to speed up chests in my initial f2p months. Strangely never since then. Never ever used gems to speed up buildings or research. I used to think people are crazy to spend gems on avatars and pins, but, there was a point I was in the verge of quitting and didn’t care about gems and bought an avatar pin. Funnily enough, that’s my most satisfying gem purchase. Go figure :woman_shrugging:t2:

Edit: My first and only 30 pull convinced me of the futility of it for a f2p/ c2p. The opportunity cost is way too high. Most of my big heroes have come from TC 20 and 10 pulls.


I just feel that getting more crowds up the roster space. Just looking to trim off the sponges who take up space but dont get to be useful. Haha!! Just like in real life.

I am already able to beat ToL with what i have

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Thats what i mean!! I love proteus. I have him fully emblemed up. But really, the 2nd one will only see war depth usage.

Might end up feeding mireweave. At first i thought his stack was awesome, actually got him up to 3/60. Wanted to use him on map stages so i can stack him up until the end. I just find that he dies a lot (maybe because he is 3/60) compared with my emblemed magni who he takes the spot of…

As to cheshire and triton, looks like i will be keeping these. Stonecleave… might give him a shot… anyone have thoughts on capt of diamonds?


He’s less useful than Mireweave - which is to say: not at all.

On paper he looks niche but useful… In practice, it never feels like he adds much.

Maxed him on my alt account which has far less choice than my main and he still doesn’t get used there.

Mireweave looks like she’d be cool, but again just doesn’t really deliver - season 3 in any tier have great stats compared with earlier heroes, but the special winds up not doing enough.


I’d agree with others that a second Proteus is a great idea… I’ll chip in on Cheshire Cat only to say that he’s better than Tibs on titans (unless you have a lot of emblems on Tibs).
Stonecleave didn’t interest me enough to max, so no comment there.

Triton is a definite max - he’s great with Kiril (choose the firing order to boost healing or boost hits, very flexible synergy).


I’d echo the suggestion to put gems into roster space… I know you don’t really want to, but I’m still gonna say it :joy::exploding_head:


No way! One Proteus is not plenty. If you have more than one, keep them all (up to 6 at least), and slowly max them both. I have 2 at max, and 3 or 4 waiting… 2 is amazing and veryhelpful in Trials, as well as S3 Hard Mode missions, events and of course Tavernof Legends… also war, but I only use him as a filler for that.


I mentioned war depth, but on some challenge events or maps, you may want to run 2 Proteus to ensure that the bosses never fire. I have done that before. That includes emblem trials that have wizards.

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Up to six Proteus! :exploding_head:

I’d love to have a second Proteus, but it’d be a luxury for me. I can complete all the events already.

Having written that, I’d keep a second Proteus simply because the first Proteus was so hard to get. :joy:

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