Neith or Justice

I’ve just got both. Which should i start ascendind

Would Justice be your tank? If not, then Neith is decidedly better.

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I would have to recommend Neith over Justice. She’s faster and offers a more utility.

Justice is a decent tank if you need a yellow tank. She’s not a great choice for that anymore either. A lot of players have built Guin busting teams and they just plow through Justice.

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Neith is the better Justice.
Dump Justy, if you got Neith.


+1 on Neith.

Speed better, she’s got the mana cut and elemental link. Plus she’s got better offensive base stats compared to justice.

Justice has a better DOA % (not sure who does more damage tho cause of the aforementioned base attack stats) and is more naturally tanky.

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Thanks a lot everyone

Plus, she is resist from mana stop, from two heroes Proteus and Hel, even only from 2 heroes, Proteus is almost common.

So +1 for Neith from me.


No brainer, Neith.
The only reason you can think of Justice is for tank position, but even there Neith is not so different.

For all the rest she is clearly better.

I feel soooo lucky !


I just switched from a maxed justice to a maxed neith (no emblems on either) for war tank and the results (granted only 1 war) were the virtually the shame in terms of 1 shot vs. multi hit kills.

She’s way better on offense than Justice so that would be the tie breaker for me.

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