Holy emblem pathways, Drake

I’ve got Drake @ +3. O took the def/att for step 2&3. I have 67 emblems on bane that I added for compete in the 3* tourney. I have 58 more so after the next withstand i really have to commit to a route.

I use Drake as my main yellow raider and he is on my defense team.

The only other monks I have are Joon and Leo but both @4-80

any suggestions would be appreciated before I canniblize Bane.

I’ve gone all out attack on my Drake!

I’d have more nodes but I’ve got 15 nodes on Wilbur and I haven’t brought myself yet to resetting him.

Opps forgot Wilber+20 ia a monk; leveled while wait for enough toys for yellow

No other monks worthy of emblems as much as Drake Fong.

so would take the att/def or att/HP or def pathway


HP has more of an impact in the end than defence does. at least IMO

Did a mix of def/health but always choosing attack path