Best emblem path for Drake?

Hi guys,
i was thinking about moving my emblems from Tarlak to Drake. Can you give me some advice on which emblem route to follow for him?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I would say def + attack (hits 3 for full damage) over def + health. Yes I mean the full one and not only first nodes.

So def - attack - health.

  1. You want him to live long for the blind and some use him as tank → defense
  2. Do full damage to 3 targets → attack
  3. Monks can resist negative status effects like DoT which save them health → health lowest priority
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I went attack as priority

Then defence as secondary

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I’d agree with Guvnor. Att > Def > HP :slight_smile:

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do u suggest to move emblems from tarlak to drake? I used them on tarlak since he is quite squishy :confused:

Yes, I took my emblems away from Tarlak too and it were to emblem my Joon.
No great difference in my Tarlak’s survivability and not a great titan’s damage lost.

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So would Def or Hp be better as the 2nd priority after attack?

For node 5 and 6, should I go Attack & Def or HP & Attack?
For node 11 should I go Def or HP?
For node 13 and 14, should I go HP & Attack or Attack & Def?

Sorry for necro but does anyone know or have an opinion as to whether def or hp would be better as the 2nd priority after attack?

My Drake is at +4 and I’m not sure whether to go Attack & Def or Hp & Attack for node 5 & 6.

Hp will increase your "war " points but will give better survival against the DoT heroes (as defence does nothing against DoT).

Defence however will not affect your war score but will not affect the DoT side of things.

Would you suggest going all attack+def, all attack+hp, or a mix? My Drake is in left wing position on defense.

I was thinking defense may be more important than HP since Drake is a monk who can potentially resist DoT. So it would be more important to increase defense to prevent getting killed by a snipe.

For mine I went:

  • Right (attack)
  • Left (Attack/ Defence)
  • Right (attack)
  • Right (HP)
  • Left (Attack/ HP)
  • Right (Attack)
  • Right (Attack)

So basically picked up a bit of both :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding “getting sniped”; 2x HP points is ~= 1x Defence point in the damage calculation. So picking HP vs. Defence means nothing in terms of “getting sniped”

Hmm… in that case, wouldn’t it be better to go all attack/hp than attack/def? If 2 pts HP = 1 pt def, then there should be no point in going defense…(I don’t really mind the war points).

Btw could you link me to the post that calculated that 2 pts of hp = 1 pt of def? I can’t seem to find it.

All in the damage calculation:

Can work it through :slight_smile:

I prefer def over hp in all cases due to the damage calculation. The only exception would be a pure counterattack hero