Drake vs joon

I have Drake and Joon(costume available and completed) both at the 125 emblem node. I have 110 monk emblems and soon will have the 125. I usually attack with 3-2 combination. When yellow is the 3 it is Joon, C-Vive+18 and G jackel+18. In the 2 it is C-vive and Drake. I have mana troop@17 and stir troop@16&15. So who gets the emblems?

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I prefer Drake slightly more myself since he hits 3 and blinds 3 at the same speed. Joon might hit the single target much harder but I think it’s better to have the flexibility of blinding one side of the board.

Honestly though, you can’t really go wrong with either.


I’d say whichever hero you put on defense or are more likely to put on defense in the future. Both of them are good.

Good luck with your decision. :slight_smile:

On a lighter note, as I read this in my weird head, it sounded more like a problem/puzzle from a math textbook. :sweat_smile:


I personally would consolidate all monk emblems onto either Drake or C.Joon depending on which is on defense. Also I think if you use Jackal in your 3-2, it might be better to use him along with C.Joon. Jackal + Joon snipe can usually kill.


my def team is Seshat+11, C-vivv+18, Telly+9, Vale+9, Marijanua+16

These monks are offensive monks.

C-Viv is nice and all but i would not put second healer on the center with Telluria. Two Sniper, Two AOE and 1 all-rounder, I believe Drake at that position will benefit you more than Vivica :slight_smile:

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will give it a try in war which team want purple centers so
vale,drake, Sartana. telli, Mj

Sartana-Drake-Telluria-Vela-Marjana would work well, Two AOE’s will reduce the enemy HP to the point sniper shots will take care of the rest.

Yup. Mine is with Drake+19 since he was my first holy legendary who dropped on my lap when he was the HOTM on the month of his release. I have 447 spare monk emblems and can easily get him to +20, but I really don’t fancy the +4% mana bonus at the cost of 250 emblems when such emblems can be more useful to other heroes, i.e. Joon, Rana, Wilbur. He has been in my raid and war defenses and is a solid hero in my monoyellow. Only got Joon in 2019 and his costume this year, both versions maxed. Currently leveling 2nd Joon and his costume. His costume bonus and costume version has improved him a ton that it feels he is emblemed without actually using emblems on him.

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Drake is probably the better flank defender. For wing defense, they are pretty even I guess.
For offense, there is no doubt costumed Joon is much better. For titan, Joon is marginally better too.

I have Drake +20 in my defence (no Tell or Vela) and I really like him. I maintain about 2500 overnight. I thought about the mana node for quite a while but ended up putting it on to free up the troops for someone else

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