Emblems - Strip Drake for Joon

I run a rather unconventional defense. After two weeks of testing over a month ago, I’ve found this combination gives people the most trouble (I wake up in the morning to less overall lost Trophies on average) so I’m not switching out anyone else out.

I still think something is missing and that is on Right Wing. I’m thinking a dedicated sniper would work and Joon is my only other viable option for Yellow.

I find with Drake that I only ever use him to help bust the rare Dark Tank I come across and he could do that without emblems. His damage is okay, but everyone uses him for blind and with the way RNG works, I find that part of the special is just too hit/miss.

Given this line up, would all you out there agree?

I wouldn’t. Drake is terrifying on D. Yeah Joon is tough but only hits one. Drake hits and hits and with the blind he causes more trouble IMO.


I’d choose drake over joon everytime on defense — hits 3, blind —

Looking at your defense — I’d look for a better purple

You have a fast cleanse — and you have a healer with minions

The extra heal is mostly wasted and you can dump tiles on multiple slows without much of a penalty, charging up your specials

An average or fast purple would do more for you than Joon ever would

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Thanks. I was torn and wasn’t sure, one of the rare times. I just wound up switching the position of the wings.

I am with the majority. Keep Drake, triple blind is significantly better than a single blind.

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If I may…

Drake is awesome and he hits hard. But now, heroes are much tougher than before, with boosted stats. I wonder if going for the kill instead of going for the triple blind would be a better call. There are so much cleansers now (+ Grazul, Malosi, etc. of this world) I think raw damage could be the next thing.

You have to ask yourself : do you prefer 3 blinded ennemies who can recover… or 1 dead?

C-Joon is a freaking beast.

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With that team you have two heroes that heal and don’t do much damage, the other flank is Zimkitha who buffs attack but hits like a wet noodle before that happens.

Since you are set on those heroes, your team is greatly relying on staying healthy at the center and you thus need wings to do as much damage as possible. I would agree to keep Drake there since he hits more enemies for pretty good damage, enough to get kills when paired with Zim’s attack buff and Kunchen’s defense down.


That was the tough call for me, 3 blind or 1 dead. I don’t have Joon’s costume but if I ever get it, then I’ll have to revisit this again. Who knows, by that time I could have gained other heroes and changed things up.

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Yeah. Without the costume on Joon, Drake is probably better. That bonus makes a large difference now. I think.

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Thanks for the good analysis. I’ve built this defense around making it more difficult for the lower levels players who hit above their power. I’ve found that I lose less trophies mainly due to the fact that they could probably stack against tank, but then you have the wing healer with slow cleanse and Zim with fast cleanse to deal with. So far it is working pretty well with most of them having to rematch at least once.

I won’t strip Drake. I will rather start to feed Joon emblems. The win you get by stripping drake is just not worth the effort.

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