Drake Fong Talent Path

Hey y’all. I’m in the process of classin’ out Drake. I’d like some advice from an experienced user of Mr. Fong. What paths/branches would you recommend? He’ll be in my wings.

Thanks in advance!

I went Attack focus on my Drake.

Then went a bit of a mix of Defence & HP along the way…

As Drake is on my Right Wing for war defence, if I ever get resources enough & feel like it I will re-do the emblem path to be:

Attack > Defence > HP

Reasons for Defence > HP here: "How better" is +18 DEF than +36 Health right now? In what cases it's resonable to go for the HP instead?

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Guv, Thank you very much. This is exactly the kind of intel I has hoping to receive. I’m going to take your recommendation and build the path as you are suggesting.

Are there any interactive resources that allow a player to mock build talents? I have tried searching and just can’t find anything.

I ignored convention and just mixed it up entirely, got really awesome balanced results.

I like that he is extremely durable, both against immediate damage but also against dots (hp >1500 + monk resist).

Thanks man! Another angle to consider.

I’d love to see some other players post their Drake Talent Trees.

Same path for me @firmpulse, all attack except I took the def/health at the very bottom (instead of the top) to give him a little extra durability for all the DOTs

Awesome. Thanks much!

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I thought long and hard about this one too as it didn’t seem as obvious as other heroes, particularly if he’s going on your defence team. I went almost the same as @Agl but went differently on the 8th and 9th nodes just to provide a little more balance.


Thanks, Agl. Much appreciated.

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Thank you Ryan. That’s a solid set up

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