Holy Dilemma/Roster Advice

Hi guys!

I’m having some trouble deciding how to best use the Orbs of Magic I have obtained recently (5 in the last couple weeks- mostly thanks to Mystic Vision!) I now have 8 Orbs total.

My main holy hero is Chao, and I’ve had him at 3^60 for awhile, waiting on Orbs. He’s a solid hero and I like using him a lot, however I also have been hoping to obtain Wu Kong. In the meantime I trained Hu Tao from my TC13. From what I can tell, I would prefer Chao over Hu Tao (unless I’m missing something).

So my question is, should I fully ascend Chao? Or should I hang on to my Orbs hoping for Wu Kong or a 5* hero?

I have attached a pic of my roster for reference, any advice on what to focus on next would be welcome!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Since you have 8 orbs, that’s enough to ascend two yellow 4* heroes to 4T. So you might as well ascend Chao now for the mana cut, and save the last four orbs for when you’re lucky enough to pull Wu :blush:

Hu Tao isn’t deserving enough of them, but I’d level him to 60 (after you max Chao) while you wait for Wu to drop in your lap :wink:


Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Chao is worth orbs, I’ve ascended two of him because of an abundance in orbs. And yeah if you ascend him you’ll still have the orbs you need for Wu Kong. additionally don’t feed orbs to hu Tao. He would be significantly better if he was average mana but he’s just not that good.

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Thanks for the response! I’ll be ascending him today! :slight_smile:

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