What to do 12 orbs of magic

I have Chao & Hu Tao at 3:60 do I spend some orbs on ascending 1 of them or wait for maybe a better 4* yellow

Don’t know what to say with my luck on dups


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I’d go with one of them (the one who you get most use out of), who knows how long the next one will be. Personally I don’t find Chao to troublesome in raids and wars, but a maxed Hu Tao - even though generally looked down upon - can be really annoying.

And look at all those fancy Wilburs!!

I have both the bamboo eater and Ciao bella lmao.
Both not exceptional but good for stacking and AW.
I use Chao a bit more for his fast mana cut, could have been a great hero with some + damage.
Hu Tao can be really annoying when his special goes off but he’s too slow. Heard that they’ll give him a buff. Most annoying of all yellow in defense is definitely Li. Yesterday in AW i had a green mono 2600 team against a 3300+, i was winning, only Li [barely alive] and Colen were alive on the enemy side, but the last green combo went on top of her charging all my greens [i had all alive] but her mana and Colens too, useless to say the odds were unfavorable, the attack boost came in, she cut my mana off, Colen got off too, manage to kill her, Colen was barely alive but his burn managed to kill all my heroes after 1 or two turns.

ps give me one of those Wilburs :joy: