Chao or Hu Tao good enough for spending Orbs?

Hey guys,

I just got my fourth magic orb after three months of playing and with that the possibility to get my third 4* hero at all at the maximum stage.

Unfortunately I got “only” Hu Tao and Chao on Levels 3-60 and 3-40.

My Defense team at the moment is Horghall (2-60) - Cyprian (4-40) - Hu Tao (3-60) - Rigard (3-60) and Sonya (4-70+3)

Later I want to exchange Horghall with Caedmon, but he is at the moment only at 3-26.

If I go for Hu Tao, it will really help me in my defense team due he is actually my tank flanked by two purple heroes. In my opinion Chao would be the more offensive Option.
Or should I wait for another, better option?

I only spend money on VIP-passes, so there is a chance that there will be a lot of time until I get another (better?) yellow four star. But also getting four new orbs will take a lot of time.
I know that they are listed both as the worst yellow heroes in the Hero grading guide =(

If I had a Wu Kong there would be no questions to ask, but it could be months or longer before I manage to pull him…
I*m able to summon 4x Atlantis tomorrow and 3-4 times Guardians next week. Maybe I should wait for that…

Whats your opinion?

I upgraded them both. WHY because that’s what I had IMO you deal with what you have until you get better. Been playing almost 4 months and just got Li Xiu a week ago my 4* yellows are Hu Tao (×4), Chao, Li Xiu (×2), & Danzaburo who I’m not sure of


I agree with playing with what you have. However, I may give it a day to see what Atlantis will give you.

4* yellow outside of events are not too exciting.

If you go with what you have I would probably say Chao. Based on Mana speed alone.

You can use Cyprian for your tank flanked by Horg (Caed) and Chao., With Rigard and Sonya in the corners.

Hu Tao got a buff in the last Update. But i found him to be better than chao already, so id go with Hu Tao first.

Hu Tao isn’t that horrible. His attack all and blind can make him devastating.


Hu Tao.
He is slow but at least he deals damage to all enemies.

Holy definitely needs more heroes cause the selection is a bit bland imo.

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Thanks for pointing that out! After playing for 18 months I only have the vanilla yellows … so sad.

Poor Hu Tao has been much maligned and my fellow team mates always laugh when they see I’ve maxed him (both of them).

Now suddenly with the raids tournament they are telling me to put him as tank and how awesome he is … I’m so confused, my world just tilted :smiley:


I vote for Hu Tao also. I like his damage to all enemies and his blind has come in very useful for me. If you happen to pull Danzaburo in your Atlantis summons though, he gets my vote and all my affection.

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@princess1 i think the biggest issue is that he is slow. But, put in the right placement with a few good fast snipers who will be a raiders first focus and he can turn into the catalyst that makes an offensive team miss all their needed shots. Especially if they don’t have a cleaner ready to fire.


I have 2 danzaburros, you prefer him to wu kong?

Please explain why you like danzaburro?

Thank you for all your help.

Im going to wait until guardians next week. If there isn’t Wu Kong, Jackal or Danzaburo then Hu Tao gets my orbs!


Well I have Hu Tao @ 4:1, 2 @ 1:1 & 1 was food
Chao @ 4:35 great for mana control with Proteus
I use them both and have been having alot of success with Hu Tao definitely about to max him​:smirk::joy::smirk:

Nah, I like Wu Kong way more but the OP doesn’t have him (yet). I like Danza because he has solid stats and 2 of his 3 specials are great. He’s controversial but fun to play with, depends on what you’re looking for.

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ah gotcha, Wu Kong is a beast. I think Danzaburro has a better % chance to cast something useful.

Wu Kung is like 50% hit or miss but Danzaburro is actually 66.6% based on his 3 specials so he might be more useful when I have him a bit levelled up and not so flimsy. He is B rated. Now imagine 2 of them against a purple tank.

I know @Zephyr1 has a lot of experience with a maxed Hu, and very good advice on lineups. Hopefully, he can weigh in here.

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Not to contradict the comments above - they’re all good - but I’d like to offer a different perspective. Chao was my only non-3* yellow for months; I finally ended up feeding some of the 6 of them I got to each other. He has been great; he’s saved me many times on the attack.

They’re different: Chao is a targeted attacker; Hu is best as a non-targeting defender. I use Chao to kill off or delay a selected hero by several turns before the target’s special can fire. I wouldn’t use Chao on the defense.

Hu has always seemed way too slow to me; I’ve been able to kill him off (or delay him with Chao) 90% of the time before he fires. If he does fire, it’s a more mild annoyance than if Li fires. I’d pick Li on the defense over Hu, but they both work. With the buff and raids, Hu becomes much more useful.

My two cents worth . . .

Agreed. Chao is much more useful on Offense.

I used Hu Tao on Defense for quite a while…and will again during this Raid Tournament.

I still use Hu Tao on Offense/quests at times — and until recently was using him in yellow stacks all the time. Leveling Vivica and Leonidas somewhat diminished that use.

The odds are low, but it doesn’t hurt to wait a week.

QFT. I agree with this completely for F2P and C2P players especially.

I’ve written fairly extensively about Hu Tao before, so I’ll just quote the whole of the last time someone asked me about Hu Tao:

My only update to all of that: I have 23 orbs now…and am really glad I used 4 on Hu Tao so it’s not 27.

Oh — and they buffed Hu Tao now, of course, which fulfills the case I made for that here:

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I can see a lot of Rigard tanks on the raid tournament tomorrow, so a very fast Hu Tao will be very useful…

I have both maxed myself.

Hu Tao’s buff makes him very worth it now. I’ve always liked the blind status effect, which is good for crowd control and surviving. Bad attack stat but the effect is helpful.

IMO Hu Tao > Chao. I like Chao too but it’s a bit disappointing how low is attack stat is and the effect isn’t as good. Although Pierce from Ranger class somewhat fixes this. The mana cut can be helpful sometimes though, in keeping dangerous skills at bay.

Now with 2 Chao… they can keep a titan skill at bay all day :slight_smile: 2 Chao are good, 1 Chao he’s just ok

So I did 4 Atlantis Pulls today.

I got 2x Gill-Ra, 1x Proteus (yay :wink: ) and a second Hu Tao. Maybe thats the sign I was waiting for?

Going to wait until Guardians though before maxing Hu Tao. But now I’m in urgent need for trap tools, lacking six pieces for Rigard and Proteus.

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