Which lady

Of the lake or locke

Struggling on who to ascend. This is not for my defense team, but would like to know opinions on who everyone thinks is better. I was on my was assending locke until i pulled lake, and was thrilled, but i am hesitant about the slow mana

What are your Mana troops at (if any)? Who do you plan to emblem? What is your planned use for either?

The answers to those questions would help.

That said:

On a pure power standpoint, I’d go lake. The ability to steal/slow Mana from bosses when attacking is great, and if you want to spend a few Mana pots attacking, then you can fire her multiple times in challenge events or regular grind boards. But again, it depends on what your need is.

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Mana troops are weak (lvl 5) crit at 16

Emblem- both sorcerer so whoever is stronger

Planned use - this will be my 3rd fully ascended green 5*- so multi use but mosted on raid/wars and titans

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Their stats are close enough to each that saying one is better than the other based on that alone isn’t enough; if you want attack, then Locke is better by roughly 49 points there before emblems and her special will do more damage over time. If I were looking strictly raids/wars and Titan, she might be better if not considering challenges, defense, etc.

One thing to think about is how they fit into the rest of your team. If you have a lot of Mana controllers, Lake may strengthen that strategy. If you have some DoT heroes or need a way around defense buffing heroes, Locke may be better.

One last thing: they are very slowly implementing more fast DoT heroes into the game. While not being discussed extensively, a DoT strategy may be more viable if one has the right heroes (off the top of my head: Victor/Valeria, Vela, JF, Sartana, Gravemaker and a season 3 5* (name escapes me) all are fast or very fast and have different DoT effects that can stack; Locke’s is different and would add to that, and average isn’t bad).

It isn’t an easy choice, but I also don’t think there’s a wrong one.


Thats awesome - thanks really appreciate your help


I don’t have lotl… and Locke sat on my bench for a long time, choosing mlf over her.

Now she makes my mono green team every time… she’s paired with eve, Lianna, king and Hansel… I can use the killer trio on one side and let her dot weaken the other side while waiting to recharge the others. (Having mana troops at 23 is very helpful)

Again… no experience with lotl… but there’s my take on Locke. :woman_shrugging:


My green team just wouldn’t be the same without locke

The cleanse, the slow kill, the tile damage, just phenomenal

She sucks in defense which is where lady of the lake will typically outshine her, but outside of that i would choose locke in almost every situation

Especially when looking at average vs slow mana

Really you’re bringin lake as a healer, if you have other green heals(emblemed costumed melendor for example, alberich, mn,…) or plan on pulling for telluria in March, then i would definitely go locke

I don’t have lake. But guess my point is i don’t notice i don’t have her, which isn’t the case with some other heroes(gm, delilah, zeline, just to name a few i definitely find myself in situations where i wish i had em)

Plus in wars it’s not uncommon for multiple people to say “i have my green team remaining but no cleanse so the target choices are dicey”, locke solves that and no one else can


I have similar dilemma. I’d like to improve my firepower and Lady Locke would be the best for it but I’ve just pulled LotL and I don’t know what to do. I don’t really need her as tank, I have a freaking God of Forest in this position. On the other hand she can be a nightmare with her minions and everyone says she is great. And not only they share precious tonics but also emblems :frowning:

Locke was a difference maker for me this war. I can’t believe I waited so long to max her! Lol


Its a hard decision, but i dont think there is a wrong one and its close - unless you need a healer than lotl. I went with locke and it is so much fun watching the dot increase and just crush opponents. But i have lotl at 3.70 and love the minions take the mana away. And if she gets rolling with some opponents already dead, its game over and you just laugh as they are frozen and cant gain any mana.

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Locke’s cleanse is very useful and rare at 5* level, especially on attacking heroes and that DoT is absolutely huge (mine with troops and emblems to +11 weighs in at over 1100, to three targets, that’s absolutely HUGE).

LoTL is a monster when she gets going, no question… But you’ll never tire of enemies just melting away under Locke’s curse.

I’d do Locke again without question, and I’m contemplating a dupe (after Tarlak).

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I’d do Locke. Get that cleanse for your green war team. Locke overall is better offensively for raids/war imo.

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Locke is great offensively, but LotL makes your team unbeatable if she gets a couple sword minions up. LotL is insane in the very fast tourneys too…literally handcuffing the opponent so they can’t fire their specials. I’d go LotL without question.

If your slows fire twice and you’re not unbeatable, something is wrong, period.

Sure, but that’s super niche - one ruleset on the 5* tier only.

Look LoTL is super cool, but Locke is an absolute beast too.

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