Unfair system to take 5 * hero

I am new player. I played 4 months. This month i decided to open much summons to take 5* hero. I opened over 120 summons. Atlantis tavern and game he dont give anyone. How often take a 5* hero. What thing i can wrong.

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When you open summon portal you will find and exclamation signarl at the upper left corner of the screen. clic on it and you will see the summon rates. It´s less than 2%.

You also had a bad luck.

Don´t rush for 5 star heroes you won´t have the resources to level them.


I feel very sad for you, but you have been suffering bad luck.
May the RNGods look at you with your future summons.

Anyway, get a Trainings camp to lvl20 asap, you will have a probability of 5% every two days to get a S1 5*

Edit: probability of pulling no 5* At ToL portal with 120 pulls is <5%, so very unlucky
Probability of not pulling HOTM with 120 pulls is <21%

Bad luck in game results in good luck in love.

For reference


We all went through this starting. There are things you just can’t compete in. When you get stronger the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.

To play this game without much disappointment you need to set your summon expectations very very low. With a 1.2% chance of a 5* hero it might take you more than 200 summons to get one.
But this is completely unpredictable. You never know whether you get a 5* from your next summon or not.

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Do not spend money in this game. Level up your TC to level 20 and wait 5* hero for free.
P.S. Especially do not make summons in ToL, Atlantis and standard S1 summon gate.

Atlantis is great! Do summon there also costumes and valhala. These 3 are the best for pulls but I feel you some accounts are unlucky with other lucky as hell.

Atlantis is an outdated summon for 5* hero and especially for those who have built a level 10 hero academy. Best choise will be TC20 + Costumes + Valhalla.

No, it’s not. LOL. As of now, no other portal will give you heroes with the same skills as Wilbur, Ursena, Ariel, Mitsuko, Poseidon, Tarlak, and Kageburado. Proteus is considered as a mini-Hel, but far more easier to get, level and emblem.


Atlantis is one fine event where you can still obtain Atlantis coins from the maps and when you finish all levels in both normal and hard modes. Most of us can’t get any more Atlantis Coins, specially now that Path of Valor has removed such goodies from its milestone rewards. When summoning, always lower your expectations and consider the gems, tokens, keys and coins as money burned. Do some reverse psychology on yourself and pray to get many Dawas and Renfelds. Sometimes, RNG frustrates you and gives you 5* heroes. Keyword is: SOMETIMES.


He is a new player so this is good portal for him, it is the only portal good to grab old hotms (ToL sux because you don’t have 3 and 4 with he need too) also Atlantis have a bouns chest! It is still top 3 for summons, with one is the best out of these 3 is debatable and depends on your roster.

What are you talking about? He play for 4 months. I play almost for 1.5 year and don’t have HA lvl 10.

HA10 can give you this heroes

You are out of touch. OP has just played for 4 months. He has a long ways to go before even having the capability of erecting a Hero Academy, which will only provide purely Atlantis legendaries at less than 5% odds. And that takes 1 week for retraining.

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I think after S3 season will be finished we also could get HoTM from S3 summon + chests.

He can get costumes and S3 heroes now, and S2 later.

This game is just a money grab, delete it before you get addicted. You will get very little for free and will just end up pumping money into it and becoming very disappointed with the pathetic rewards SG provide

You start a new account and do what you have advised.

No problem, but I am not so madness to spend money for another one account in this game.

Play it for free. Be a F2P.

So it will be TC20 as I wrote early. Not sure what you trying to say

I want to see you try ignoring summoning in S2 and focus getting Masquerade and S3 heroes.