Heroes to work on

I have been doing decently well in raids with regards to my level and team power, but only offensively and managed to get a personal best as shown below. I use this team for both attack and defense but defensively I will lose much more often.

I’m thinking of putting Ariel as tank when I get her up to max level, and replacing Cyprian with someone else (unsure who).
Below are some of my other heroes.

I have another untrained Obakan and Kadilen besides the one shown in the picuture above.
F2P at 7.9k gems at the moment. I was gonna save up till 8.4k gems for 30X Atlantis pull, should I wait for a specific hero such as Ursena/Kunchen/Hel to be featured to pull? If so, which heroes should I get(considering what I have). Or should I wait longer and hope that there’s better heroes when Season 3 is out?
Thanks in advance for reading and giving constructive feedbacks! :slightly_smiling_face:
(I’m actually still quite a noob, have been playing for about 13 months).

Season 3 comes out in a few days with some very good heroes in there I would save up and do a 30 pull on there to be honest.

As for now get ariel and kadilen up definitely they are both pretty good heroes

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On your current team I would atleast swap tarlak and kage around and also bold and ariel so you don’t lose heroes so quickly In defense

Thank you for the kind advice, I didn’t know that Season 3 would be coming so soon. Neither do my alliance I believe. I will work on them :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t looked through your whole roster, but I would suggest that the majority of your defence is too passive…the enemy can charge and dispel without too much fear of reprisal.

I’d look at moving a hitter or two to flank, probably by retiring Cyprian and putting kage next to your next tank .

Theres a notification telling you on the home page in the announcements get yourself ready for some powerful heroes to come

Would having Cyprian and Kage(both purple) side by side be better?
My Ariel is at 722 def, 1184 health, Bold is at 822 def, 1284 health. Should I swap only after Ariel’s stats are better after levelling? :open_mouth:

Yes, agreed!
Is there any tank from training camp 20 that you would recommend? I haven’t been training heroes from level 20 but I’ll move back on to that if there’s someone suitable :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not ideal having them together but tarlak us defensively weak so he gets knocked out easy being on the flank compared to the wing.

I only advised on swapping ariel and bold as you have 2 healers together if you lose both at the same time which will happen more often than not then you have nothing to fall back on

Thank you for your insights again! Your explanation has helped me a lot :+1:

Justice and Richard are generally considered the best tc20 tanks. Ariel isn’t dreadful as she’s average mana.

Thank you! Oh then I might have made a bad decision. I decided to ascend Ariel instead of Richard(3/63 atm) 1-2 weeks back. I’ll work on him. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s not a bad decision :slightly_smiling_face:

Ariel is excellent and very versatile

I made that decision mainly because the “Hero Grading” google doc stated that Ariel was Grade A and Richard was Grade B. :sweat_smile:

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Hero grades are a good place to start based on the thoughts of experienced players, but always consider what your team needs most.

Ariel is still an excellent choice overall, just not quite as good a tank. I’d have made the same choice.

Have to agree with you…those are great heroes… maybe include Azlar too…hear he’s a great tank

You did well on your choosing Ariel… probably the most versatile amongst the options you had… can’t have to many healers in my opinion

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