Need help for Raid and Defense Team

Hi everyone…

I’m very new to this game… maybe about two months or so.

And… I am extremely terrible at both RAID and Defense. Of 6 rounds of Raids I probably only able to win one or two at most.

These are my current line-up… would appreciate any help I could get in team building recommendation + who to put as my first / highest priority to level up.

Also… I have with me now about 3,000 Gems. And I was planning to use a 10x pull for Holy Elemental Summons to replace my Bane. But then… there’s Atlantis. Should I just wait for Atlantis or… just go for 10x pull on Holy Elemental?

Thanks guys… any help is greatly appreciated.

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I’d recommend working on one hero of each color at the same time, using the matched color feeders for each so you get the 20% bonus.

For priorities, I’d suggest:

  • Red: Gormek to 3-60, then Nashgar to max

  • Yellow: Gan Ju to max

  • Green: Little John to 3-60 — I love Little John, and I still use him every day, but he’s very squishy (easy to kill) until you have the Ascension Materials to max him, but in the meantime he can be useful for Quests for some mana control at 3-60, as long as you babysit him with healing potions; I’d also max Carver

  • Blue: Boril to 3-60, then Gunnar to max

  • Purple: Rigard to 3-60, then Sabina to 3-60

If you have the Ascension Materials to max any of your 4*, I would prioritize in this order: Rigard, Sabina, Boril, Little John, Gormek

I’d wait for Atlantis.

The Season 2 heroes are generally stronger than Season 1, including 3* and 4* heroes.

It’s worth having a shot at some of them, and it’s far less important to have heroes in each color just for the sake of having them than to work on your roster overall.

You’ll do better as you get Rigard to a more usable state. Having a healer is hugely useful.

You’ll also do better once you can more consistently use at least two heroes of the strong color against the tank (center) hero of the team you’re attacking, and have leveled heroes more to have more choice of synergy in building your attack teams.

Your current team order is a bit arbitrary.

I’d recommend changing to this, left to right:

Bane - Rigard - Boril - Gormek - Little John

At your play level, many players attacking you will lack dispellers to handle Boril effectively, so he’s useful as a tank in early game play. (Later, he’ll be more effective for you on Offense and Quests.)

Rigard and Gormek will be sturdier as flanks to Boril than Little John.

And having Gormek to the left of Little John ensures that if both are ready to fire on the same turn, Gormek will fire first and lower the defense of enemies, so Little John does more damage.


Great advice, follow what zephyr said.

If you can afford the 10 pull for Atlantis, much more beneficial thAn Holy summons.
A lot of the Atlantis 3* are very good, and 4+’s are a bonus.
If you are lucky enough to pull a 5*, don’t work on them yet, they require more resources than they are worth at this stage for you.



Thanks a lot for your advice good sir!!

Your response is very helpful. Thank you!! Just what I need. :slight_smile:

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