Heroes - how many is enough?

The question came up in our alliance as to how many heroes we actually need to have. Some players were surprised to find I only have 48 in my roster (capacity of 85). But, unless I get some gorgeous heroes I just want to collect, I don’t see the point of having so many heroes.

You need 6 war teams, a good 3 star team for the challenge, and then enough heroes for colour stacking.

I’m just curious as to how many heroes players actually hang on to (not counting their feeders).

One of our players feels 9 teams is the best number.

This is an interesting question and it really depends on the player.

I will keep dupes of useful heros. I have more than 2 of some as well. I have about 74 of 103 filled up currently. Some unlevelled and I keep all 5*. If I ever run into issues with space I reevaluate what I kept. But if it isn’t hindering my space then I don’t see the problem keeping them around for now. Options are always nice to have when picking teams for different things.

My Titan team changes every titan now. My war teams are never the same. So the more heros available the better.

That is just me. Here is my roster. Maybe I am hoarding some but I have room for now.



Nice Roster. Only Zimkitha missing, right? :wink:

On topic:
I also got several duplicate heroes and every titan team is different. So, therefore I can not say I need this or that amount of different heroes. Even in wars I use different teams depending on the opponents.


Don’t remind me about Zim :slight_smile: , I have tried more this month than any other month. She is not coming to me. I may pull a few more times before the end of the month but not sure yet.

I have started stacking against titans and in wars I change it up. I like having options. It lets me mix and match more. One day maybe I will choose my raiding team depending on tank but now I just roll with team #2.

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Holding onto 80 heros right now. Keeping more as i get them, the useless get eaten. I don’t keep any 3* personally. And i dont think I’ll ever have enough heros. No matter how many i level up, i still face an opponent that makes me wish i had another hero take against them.

More and more heros coming out means i need to stock more and more to prepare


I’ve seen some highly ranked long-term players make the case for having 18 heroes per color, so you can triple stack against the same color for all 6 hits in a War, if you’re up against an alliance that has the same color tank for every player (or at least most of them). So that would be 90 heroes.

Obviously that’s a long ways off for most newer players, even those many months into play.

For more general usage, especially by players spending little or no money, I personally think 3 strong heroes per color is a good starting point that gives you plenty of flexibility for Raids, Rare Quests, Seasonal Events, and Titans. For War, you’d want another 15+ heroes, for whatever your strongest options were to level, to fill in, bringing you up to 30-40. For Challenge Events, depending on which levels you want to complete or be moderately competitive in, you could potentially need quite a lot of additional heroes, since you might want to level a lot of 3 and 4* heroes to build complete teams that you might not otherwise use much.

So I think somewhere around 40-60 heroes is roughly the range that starts to feel pretty usable for nearly all purposes, unless you’re aiming to be very competitive in events, or are up against a tough War.

The person who suggested having 9 teams seems to effectively agree with that rough sensibility too.

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I keep 1 of each color 4* and all 5*
I keep 1 of each special 3* and 3 of each color selected 3*


I just counted and I have 91 heroes saved! Maybe I need to clean, that up little bit. :joy: I have kept some duplicates 4* heroes, like Grimm, Tiburtus, Boldtusk. And one of each 4* heroes and I have kept almost all 5*( I feeded one Azlar away, had three of those), which I have got.

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I have 161 “favorite“ heroes. Some of these are purely “gotta get’m all” collecting, like the S2 3* and certain curiosity 5*, like Guardian Owl, that are unlikely ever to see a feeder.

I have 20 maxed (or nearly so) 5*, four 5* at 3/70, and 34 maxed (or nearly so) 4*. These 58 heroes are what I use for wars and raids, reconfiguring them as appropriate for the enemy forces. I think I’m done with 4*, except for Buddy next month.

You may fairly ask, isn’t that nearly double what you need? Yes, but I never know what is best until I am faced with a particular team. I have three maxed Grimm, which served me well when we faced red tanks in a recent war. Bench depth is valuable.


Just counted, and I have 95 heroes that I think I’ll keep for good. Have room for 150 (soon to be 155 when I level up), and I’m anticipating adding quite a few more to that 95.

I keep all of the good 3* for events, except Kailani and Gunnar-havent kept them yet, but I will. Also, will keep the good seasonal 3* when I get them. Eventually, I want to have every single 3* leveled to 50, but right now I have too many heroes to work on already.

I keep one copy of every 4* regular hero (have all of them). I’ve recently been keeping two copies of all good 4* event heroes, and one of the rest like Boomer (only event hero I’m missing is Jackal). I kept one Valeria, my only seasonal 4*, but will keep one-two copies of all future seasonal. I will start keeping dupes of the good regular 4* once I finish with leveling my first batch, so that will be another +15-20.

I always keep one copy of every 5*, but only keep one, maybe two, dupes of the good ones. Am missing a lot of the TC heroes, but I’ve gotten a lot of HOTM- and have a dupe of most. The TC heroes should be another +10-15 (with dupes)

Overall, I know I’ll have to expand my space some more. 155 isn’t nearly enough for what I have planned, plus I like to have 50+ spots for feedings and collecting TH.


Wow, I can barely organize my 48 heroes. I was looking at them last night and I’d totally overlooked having a second Lianna.

I can relate to this.

I’ve leveled a fair number of 3* that I actually make use of for Events and even occasionally for deep stacking in War, but I also am holding at least one of every 3* I pull as a hobby for later. I figure it’ll give me something to work on in a year or so when I’m bored, and I like the option of being competitive in Rare Challenge Events as a fun thing to try at some point.

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I’m actually considering eating all my 3*. Aside from rare tier of Challenge events, I have no use for them any more, and I don’t really care about rare challenge events any longer. If rare granted a 5* hero instead of a 4*, I might rethink.


This is slightly off topic, but I think that’s an argument for the addition of something new to do with 3* in the game, or at least more interesting rewards for the Challenge Events.

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I have been playing for almost 3 months now (i guess) and I have 43 heroes locked. Of course most of them are waiting for being leveled or for mats. And still I think my roster is way too short.

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All my 3* are feeders including S2 except for event heroes.

I keep over 150 heroes in total for the “gotta catch’em all” collection. Number of maxed heroes is another story. Surely less than you. :blush:

I’m hardly the best example but I have 17 x 4* and 11 x 3*.

Then 3 nearly maxed 5* and 2 underlevelled 5*

6 x 4* are underlevelled. More than enough for a decent showing in an intermediate level war

I only have 1 maxed repeat, Kiril.

I like levelling 1 of each hero. I have duplicate BT LJ Kashh Grimm but would rather level up 1 of each 4* before I get to them! (even a slow Hu Tao gets priority over repeats for me)

135 space, 75 4*/5* heroes saved and every 3* hero.

I am considering on eating my 3* heroes as I see that the rare events are not worth it. The rewards are crap unless you finish top 10. Where at the epic and legendary, you get something just for completing it.

As for what heroes, I say 12 of each colour, so that’s 60 heroes. Plenty for war and some mix and matching depends on what tanks are set for war/raiding.

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Right now I keep 101. Most aren’t dupdates but some are. My 3 start depth is
pathetic though

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