How many heroes would you have at most?

Originally I thought I wanted 10 competitive (or 4 and 5 *) heroes of each color for wars and challenges, and another 5 of each color 3 's for 3 tournaments. That would put me at 75 heroes at least. I. Holding onto at least one of each hero I acquire, multiples of I think they are good. Now I am thinking of upping the 4 and 5 * numbers beyond 10 of each color. I currently go mono color almost entirely in raids and wars, using a non mono team for my 6th war attack of my remaining best 5 adjusted for whatever defence I am going up against. I am up to 111 of 207 hero storage used not counting feeders and my next increase will cost 250 gems. What are your thoughts?

I want 15 heroes of each color at 4/70, 3/70, or better so I can always stack three of the same color in each war flag. I additionally store 3-7 three star heroes of each color.
That gives me close to 100 heroes (I’m not there yet).

For War, even if I got to 15 of one element, I’d still want more. For blue, I’m finding I can’t get enough Sonyas. Combined with costume it gives me great dispel and cleanse at fast speed against red tanks. There would always be more heroes I could use depending on the situation.

For three stars, I want three of each color so I can put together a solid defense in three star tournaments. I generally only use 3 green heroes. I have closer to 7 Red and Blue heroes. I can go with 5 fast snipers of each color if I want, or I can sub in slow heroes like Gunnar or Jahangir if the situation calls for it. I have not done any season 3 pulls yet, but that may put strain on which 3 star heroes I decide to keep.

I have one fully ascended Sonya and two Grimm’s. I know people like her but I prefer Grimm. I do have the AM’s to ascend another of each though, I may do that.

Still not enough I find…

Max Heros 5* 4* 3* Total
Dark 5 9 4 18
Holy 5 6 3 14
Ice 3 13 3 19
Nature 3 12 3 18
Fire 2 12 4 18
Total 18 52 17 87

|Max Heros|5*|
My main goal is being equilibrated so I’m leveling telly to be my 5th green and leveling too my Jean François to be my 5th red. After this probably I’ll level a 3rd sartana, or il give it a shot on norns. Don’t know yet.

Im on the road ! But id like to have six 4* of each color at Minimum.
5* are a different story . They are difficult to get in my case so i cannot max them as easy i do with epics .

Now i have

Rigard , Proteus , tiburtus, Sabina

Li xiu , wu Kong , hu tao


Kiril , Sonya , Grimm

Boldtusk , gormek, colen

Kashhrek , little John , melendor , caedmon

So 17 maxed epics .

New projects are

Boril (maybe ) , Tritón, Cyprian (maybe ), Gaderius or melendor dupe ( i havent decide it yet , any advise is welcome ), Boldtusk dupe, mist and Rigard dupe.

Then id like to get some good event epics

Falcon , jackal , peters Hansel, Buddy .

Lets time do the trick i Hope .

Regarding Legends i only have Vela maxed and some more on their Road but im giving priority to epics

Depends on how much it costs to keep expanding my roster :grimacing: Noticed gem cost went up from 50 per 5 slots to 100. Does it get any more expensive than that as you keep expanding? :confounded:

How many WOULD I have? All of them. I’m a packrat.

How many realistically? Probably a only few more than I already do (not counting dupes). I have all the S1 4*. I’m missing only Magni and Leonidas from S1 5*. I have three other non-S1 5* so there’s LOTS that I won’t get there. I have a few S2 4*. I have no S3 anything yet.

So far I have 116 locked heroes out of 133 slots.

do you play with any other heros?

5* heros are great but the 4* are the backbone of the roster…

Hoo yes of course. But didnd counted. Had to Flee from the forum to put my little boy into bed. Screenshot_20200326_233923. And 3*

its missing my brienne there. Lots of 5* in the way

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figured as much but wanted to ask as there are players I am sure with not much of a bench.

My numbers are above your original post.

I want every hero i can possibly get that i enjoy using

Considering i haven’t used every hero, no clue what that amount would look like

Maybe worded better my question would be at what number are you only looking for significant improvements and not adding every 4 or 5 star you come across? Right now I am adding everything I come across that is a new to me hero, and multiples of the better heroes. This can’t go on forever, and I don’t have enough AM to make every hero high enough level to be usable.

I have 13 5*'s, 52 4*'s, and 46 3*'s.

After facing some coordinated defences the last couple wars, I am currently pursuing 18 heroes of each color at the gloves/compass level (fully ascended 4* or 3/70 5*). That would give me the option of going 3/2 six times in wars of the same color. I don’t know if I would actually do it, but it would be a nice option to have. Of course going mono six times and having 30 of each color would be great, but dang that would be a lot of storage to buy. Maybe eventually.

I have 36 heroes at the gloves/compass or higher level, and 3 more sets I will be using soon.