Some Advice On Organizing My Hero Roster

I know this is probably somewhat subjective for each individual person, but is there a tutorial, link, or video or something that gives advice on how to organize my hero roster? Possibly the community has some tips on ways to go about doing this?

I have my one main team that includes my one and only 5* hero, but then I have like 37 other 3* & 4* heroes in varying states of Ascension that are just all over the place. Some fully leveled, some not.

I have 115 hero slots because I purchased some and I think gained some by leveling up, but I wanted to make sure I had enough slots for the heroes that I wanted to keep and enough room for the feeders of each color so I could do 10 at a time. And I have five team slots, of which I could purchase more if need be.

I don’t even know if I’m holding on to too many heroes, but I guess if I have the room that doesn’t matter but I don’t know. I realized it sure helps a lot with the alliance wars.

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To be very honest, it’s whatever works best for you. There are many ways of setting up your teams within your roster.
You can have a dedicated raid defence team, a dedicated war defence team, dedicated teams for each colour Titan, you can set them out in mono colour teams, or put them in order of strength, class, rainbow etc etc
In short I don’t think there is a “best” way

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It sounds like the lack of organization and priorities are what is bothering you. I will give a suggestion, but like JGE said, it’s really your call.

You have your Team 1 in place. Sort the remainder by power (using menu in top left corner of hero list). Then create as many rainbow teams as you can based on similar strength. This doesn’t necessarily mean “teams” in the sense that the groupings will work well together in war or anywhere else. But it might give a sense of organization and levelling priorities to help you evaluate. For example, if you’ve got several 4 * heroes close to being maxed, you should focus on those before starting on a 1/1 5 *, etc.

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Personally I prefer to use element to sort my hero’s.

I find it easier.
It’s prob best to keep all hero’s of 3* 4* due to trials as even completing the first 1 or 2 stages is vital for emblems down the line and for war as well


YMMV, but I have:
Team 1 - Offense. Used for progressing on the map or whatever seasonal event is happening.
Team 2 - Titan. Whatever current titan is - usually mono or 4-1.
Team 3 - Growth. Rainbow team being leveled. Use for “light” quests where I can still win with weak teams.
Team 4 - Raid. Used when I go a-raidin’. Changes very frequently, usually per-raid.
Team 5 - Defense. Rarely changes. I put it in this slot 5 so I don’t accidentally change the team when the game suits my needs like teams 1-4.

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I would suggest to have a look at this valuable thread:

not necessary due to the emblems, but the thread lists the best heros for each class. Focus on levelling these heros first, if you have them.

Other than that, I try to keep at least one copy of every 4*, some dupes where i personally find the heros good enough. 3* Star I keep only the best ones.
I have a roster space of 127, so nothing wrong there.

I haver never purchased any additional teams, 5 is enough.

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currently, due to the high resistance of some defense heroes, more fast heroes are being built

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The in-game organization tools are pretty crappy, so I started a spreadsheet early on so I could organize however it made sense to me. Then I found Heroplan which actually does most of what I need to do. I still maintain my spreadsheet, but if I were just starting out I’m not sure I’d bother.

In-game, I have:
Team 1: working team, the heroes I’m leveling atm. I’ve found having them at the top keeps me from leveling the wrong dupe. Which I’ve done. More than once. Or twice…

Team 2: Raid team
Team 3: map farming team
Team 4: other map/quest team
Team 5: titan team
Team 6: defense team. Putting it at the end helps keep from accidentally changing it

I bought an extra slot so I could have 2 map/quest teams and be able to leave 1 alone while doing other stuff

I change the in-game sorts around occasionally if I’m looking at something, but sort by power probably 99% of the time.


Thanks everyone. My roster seemed like it was getting a little bit overwhelming with all the permanent heroes and feeders that I had in there. By reading all these replies and the embleming heroes guide, it’s starting to make a little more sense of where I need to put these guys.

I typically use the sort by elemental view for my hero list. It will by default place the heroes at the very top in order by team. My first team is then my “leveling” team. The 5 heroes of each color I’m currently working on. When you go to feed them heroes, the game will remember a different sorting order. I use the sort by power then to place all the lowest heroes (and most likely to be feeders) at the bottom so that it’s easier to quickly grab and level up heroes of different colors without having to scroll endlessly looking for them for each color.


This!!! QFT

And I also assign the troops I am currently working on to this team, so they will appear on top in barracks. I also always set a rainbow team there.
Team 2 my defense
Team 3 my Titan team
Team 4 my raid team
Team 5 my farming team

You can also rename each team by tapping on at „Team x“

Edit: my raid team changes 90% of the time, it always depends on the opponent I face (color stacks, dispelled, cleansers, snipers or AoE…)


@Dudeious.Maximus Thanks for the screenshot! I had not noticed the option to change the sorting.

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No probs use which one suits you. I prefer element as when levelling hero’s they in a neat order, also can count to see if it makes 10 or closes to 10. Also what @Sh3r1ff put about naming teams Is good aswell. Everyone has different ways mine is
1 defence
2 raid
3 titan
4 farm
5 levelling
You find what suits you there no right or wrong way just everyone has different ways.


When leveling a hero I sort by color
When spending emblems I sort by classes (be aware to switch from costume to non costume version)
When setting up an attack team I sort by power

The other sorting options are … ehm … nice to have :wink:

But having the ones you work on (either heroes or troops) on the very top of roster or barracks is what I like most


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