How many is too many?

To start, I have a pretty healthy roster of 4* heroes with a few 5* thrown into the mix. My question is, as it says in the title, how many copies of a hero is too many? The main reason for this question is my lack of ascension mats combined with my ever-growing roster, and my compulsion to keep more than I should. Specifically fine gloves. I could ascend 10 more 4* heroes if I just had the Fine Gloves.

Proteus - I know he is a god among men (fish?). I have 4. One is 4x70 +17, one is 4x70, one is 3x60, and one is 1x1.

Merlin - I do enjoy his special, he’s fun to play with. I have 4. One is 4x70, one is 3x60, the other 2 are 1x1.

Wilbur - What’s to say? He’s Wilbur. I have 3. Two are 4x70, one is 1x1.

Boldtusk - We all know him! I have 3. Two are 4x70, one is 1x1.

Melendor - I’m just throwing him in for fun. He was my first 4* healer, I just happened to get 2 more during the most recent Atlantis, so figured I’d throw him in here since I was already asking. I have 3. One is 4x70, the other two are 1x1.

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Two will be enough.
Otherwise war becomes boring…

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it really depends on the hero that you are keeping.
I think you have to ponder some major thought processes to help you prioritize:

  • Wars – You’ll see Blue, Yellow, Red tanks THE MOST… plan accordingly.
  • Tournaments – Slow heroes become viable once again, so those are worthy of keeping.
  • 5 solid mono teams

As for me, I have about 65 4* and above heroes at 550 power. The rest are either maxed 3* or heroes I haven’t gotten to yet (~45) so at ~110 heroes, I feel my roster is pretty complete.

How does this apply to your post?

I do not have an excessive number of duplicates. Here is my full listing of 4/5* dupes

  • Four

  • Three
    Gafar, Jabbar

  • Two
    Proteus, Cheshire Cat, Bold Tusk, Sabina, Inari, Merlin, Gregorion, Zimkitha, Natalya, Buddy, Sir Lancelot, Cabin Boy Peters, Guardian Jackal

So, by this, it looks like I have felt 2 are enough. However I have eaten several dupes primarily to spare space, so these are those that remain. That 3rd Jabbar is endangered, but 1 space will not kill me one way or another.

Ultimately, you do what is best for you.

A note about Proteus, I think 3 is enough. I would, however, suggest that several Merlins on the back end of your war teams could make or break your 5th or 6th flag.


I feel your pain and am continually battling the same question.

For special heroes that come around once per year or cost significant amounts of money to attain, I have decided that more duplicates are “allowed” simply because it is harder to draw that hero again in the future. For example Buddy is x3, one at 4-70 the other two at 1-1. Evelyn will be cut back to perhaps 6 when the Hero Academy becomes operational, that is probably too many as well but a start.

For SPECIAL heroes due to pure excellence it varies. I want at least one Proteus per war team so have six. One Hel being leveled now and a Merlin still waiting. I’ve been raiding with Proteus x2 for several months now and it is a good way to increase the odds of winning. For Wilbur I’ve decided two is plenty because the red 4* bench is so deep. I ate my third and fourth Jabbars from this event since they will never all be leveled up.

For Regular Excellent heroes I’ve been keeping two attackers and three healers. So Scarlett x2 (second only eating duplicate Scarletts, currently somewhere in second ascension), Boldtusk and Rigard the plan is (was) to have three eventually but only one has been maxed. Sabina and Melendor are down to one copy of each because I found 5* alternatives. If you make a mistake here the odds are better for rectifying it although searching for a specific hero is always painful.

I have also hung onto many duplicate 3*, Rudolph being the most obvious but Namahage, Gato, Melia all were kept for event teams but only a couple of copies of each have been maxed (and just one Muggy).

5* I have not eaten a single one and now with the Hero Academy coming I’ll continue to expand roster spots if needed.

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Thanks for your reply Peachy!

  • Wars - I do see a lot of blue tanks. Not very many yellow/red at this point, but I’m also not in a top-1000 alliance or anything like that. But, wars/titans are my strong suit.
  • Tournaments - I seem to place decently in tournaments, but I don’t think having duplicates is helpful here. Variety is what I’m looking for there.
  • I occasionally run mono teams, but I much prefer a 3/2 mix. I’m still not comfortable trying to manipulate a bad board in that case.

I’m very close to your roster with what you mentioned about ~65 heroes being 550+. I’m at about 60 or so. My roster had a giant hole until I drew Rigard and Grimm in the same 10-pull, 2 heroes I hadn’t previously received.

Mostly, I’ve felt 2 are enough also, but I’ve had a hard time feeding away heroes like Proteus that are regarded so highly. I think I could comfortably feed away 1 of each of the heroes I listed in my initial post.


I’m in a similar boat regarding the special heroes. I have 3x Buddy also, one at 4x70 and two at 3x60. I just wish Sturdy Shields (Along with fine gloves) weren’t my kryptonite of ascension materials. I’ve drawn 55 capes compared to 34 shields in the life of my account, or I would have maxed at least 1 more Buddy for wars.

I made the mistake (depending on what the hero academy does), of feeding away 2 5* heroes. I knew what I was doing, and did it on purpose, but did it before the hero academy was ever a thing! Goodbye Horgall and Elkanen!

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You may not miss Horg and Elk and maybe the Hero Academy (HA - is that intentional?) will be too expensive to use… who knows at this stage.

@Lloyd6770, a big part of the answer is dependent on your fully leveled team as well as those waiting. The heroes that you keep a lot of should be heroes that exactly suit your play style (I love mana control hence my mana control focus).

Duplicates really should be the best of what you have available to you. Keep duplicate Sabinas and Melendors if they are your strongest healers.

Variety IS important especially with Tournaments but also with war, that is why duplicates should be chosen carefully, once a 4* is maxed it is almost impossible to justify feeding away.


I’m terribly unlucky with summons. I did better with level 20 training.

I have two accounts and on one I’ve kept 3 Liannas on the other I’ve kept 3 Sartanas.

I’m keeping 3 Proteus on each profile (for now anyways).

I’ve kept 2 Wilburs on each profile so I’ve kept 2 BT to work with him.

Any other duplicates have been kept out of desperation. Does anyway really keep 2 Hu Taos if we have other options :persevere:

EDIT: I have 2 of most healers but that was on purpose.


I may not miss them, only time will tell. I fed them away when I was silly and looking for roster space. I have since spent some gems to increase that!

I definitely follow what you’re saying. I do enjoy mana control too. I also have a tendency to play for tile damage instead of damage from specials. That also could be due to lacking 5* snipers until very recently (Lianna from TC20, and also Poseidon from Atlantis).

I’m not sure how lucky I’ve been with summoning 5* heroes, as I haven’t kept track outside of TC20, but I’d had decent luck with 4*. The estimated percentages that float around the forums, I know I’m higher than that number.

To be fair, Hu Tao has become more usable between the class quests, and the raid tournaments where specials become very fast!

Thank you for this topic, and also many similiar topic like this, because it will make me more have a choices and decision.

I have 5 now, one is 4.60 (soon will maxed to 4.70) and 4x are 1.1.
I plan, one for each war flag. But I see advantage using double Proteus, so it can be 12 maximum (?). Well… for *4 bench, that too many I think, but I let sit 5 at my rosters.

I have 6 now, one is 4.30 (soon maxed) and 5x are 1.1.
Wilbur also like Proteus, but it is not so helpful with bringing double Wilbur.
I still keep for now, later maybe I will keep 2 or 3. I have two BT.

I have 2 now, one is 4.61 (soon maxed) and one is 1.7 (too exited and I have wrong leveling).
BT with WIlbur together is deadly.

I have 5 now, one is 3.43 and 4x are 1.1.
I know this is gamble, but I like it. I still keep, 5 maximum for me.

I have 2 now, one is +4 and one is 1.1.
I will plan keep *4 classic healer three of each.
Melendor (I have two), Sabina (I have one), Rigard (zero), Boldtusk (I have two), Kiril (zero).

For classic non healer like Scarlett, Gormek, Tiburtus, Cyprian, Caedmon. I will keep two of each. I already eat 3rd Scarlett, Gormek, Tiburtus and Cyprian, but Caedmon later, because I do not have Sonya. But I keep 3 Grimm.

I have a question and need advice for Sumitomo. I have 5 Sumitomo and all are 1.1. Because not classic and not Gobbler, I still keep all, I plan to level at least one and later maybe for Hero Academy?

@princess1 I have 2 Hu Tao both are 1.1, I have faced in raid with two maxed Hu Tao as flank, and that was danger, I have trouble.

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I’d love to c 5 maxed Skittles :rofl:


It really does come down to play-style as well. I’ve made a study of Wilbur and he’s now my favourite hero. Because of that, I choose to keep many of my heroes based on whether they work well with him or not.

Some players have said they don’t like Riposte heroes, others respect the slow heroes and some think you can have too many snipers.

I agree this is an excellent thread and I’m enjoying reading all the comments!


I only keep 2 of each hero, maximum. Unless they’re good at challenge events.

The only duplicates I have maxed so far are 3 star ones. Gato, Valen, Bane, Mnesseus, etc. Mainly fast snipers. For challenge events. Since 3* selection kinda sucks.

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Hmmm nice… so… you happy in your alliance? Haha I kid. Much respect.

Its tough these days because SG has made a use case for almost every hero and multiples are useful.

Yes, I am! So :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, SG has made more heroes useful through additions and changes. I’m just trying to avoid eating a hero that I’ll regret eating! At least with the exception of the 2 5* I ate, I do have multiple backups just in case!

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I dont like duplicate heroes, I eat all of them


In this game to many is a hack tick word. What is to many???

I got 7 Margies, haha and keep them all to swap for something useful.

Everybody is keeping all 5* for sure, if your big spender then you even feed does, specially common 5* duplicates.
For all other 4* & 3* I think we all keep no more then 2 of the same 4* and 3* just for raid tournaments and war. This is not rule, I know some people use 4-5 of the same 4* & 3* but this is pure bull.hit when you have to much space and heroes. This is my opinion and if you find your self in this words don’t be offended. Namaste and peace ¥¥¥


I would say in most cases over 2 is overkill, BUT the more you have the better you will do in wars.

I keep 1 of each 3* and 4* (there are a few where I just keep double since I already have 1 maxed). None of them are at 1/1 for the fact I feed them their own dupes.

5* keep all. Never know when you can use them especially for those who don’t have 6 complete war teams.

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