Heroe leveling and buildings

I am a casual player in an easy going Alliance and would like some advice on gameplay tactics from those who have more experience.

I am posting my heroes as it might be easier that way.

I am happy with my def team but if I can do better I would like to hear it.

My SH is at 20 and am levelling my mills/food and houses a little before I start with my TC who is at level 16,13,9,6.

I am not sure who to level up. I recently got Grimm and have started levelling him. Then I got Gill-Ra and today Sartana. I think I should focus on Grimm, Gill-Ra and Sartana but am not sure. I also have Hu Tao and Little John who I can’t ascend due to some missing items.

And last: I have the gems to spend on the Hot offer. It gives me at least one item that I need for the ascension for LJ or Grimm but is it worth it?

P.S: Team 1 in the pictures is my def/raid team.

You’ve got Balthazar, Tyrum and Oberon as maxxed 3* purple…I wouldn’t be fussed about Gil Ra particularly.

Sartana is excellent and will be a massive game changer.

Hu Tao isn’t very popular, but a 4* is a 4* and I expect he’d be useful at your current stage.

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