Help with team

I am not sure if this is a good team to level up?

Hui is considered one of the weakest yellow 4*. Depends if you want to go with what you have or wait for Wu or someone else

Hu is ok at 3/60 as just another war extra, i wouldn’t give him any unfarmable mats though. Eventually you’ll forget you even have him but due to RNG sometimes we have to level some heros to use temporarily until we have a better option


Would be easier if you could share your roster, what options do you have?

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My first Epic/Legendary Hero was Hu Tao. Now 8 months later he is still at 3/60 and he will stay there.

Nevertheless he did help me get through Season 1 map stages and the misses of bosses thanks to his blinding special ability were sometimes timed perfectly.

Berden is one of the better 3* heroes.
Jahangir is slow, but he’s like Colen and Azlar; useful.
Oberon, meh.
Gunnar will help you out a lot, especially since you don’t have any healer yet.

If it’s possible, show us your other heroes!

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These are my heroes

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I don’t see anything wrong with what you already have going. I think i would have went belithe over berden but outside of that it looks good. Belithe and bane were the 3* i used the longest though, found them to be cornerstones of my lineup pretty quickly after they were leveled up.

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Thank you Riggs. I think I am struggling the most with levelling up different heroes. I never know which one to go for. The alliance I just joined has helped me by naming the teams to make it more clear what team to go for. I also struggle in raids.

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Agreed, you need Belithe.

Everyone struggles with raids for a while. Once you figure out how your heros work and learn to work the board you will get better. Don’t get caught up in cups at first, it will only frustrate you.


The cups have never bothered me much. I will start levelling up Belithe ASAP. Just to be sure, you don’t use level 3’s to level a hero up right? Because I have a level 1 Berden and already have him.

You might want to keep all your 3*, until you have enough for war (30).

If you decide to feed away a duplicate 3*, note that feeding a duplicate to the same hero increases the chance for special increase.

Berden is a good 3* sniper btw.

Thanks, I Will keep that in mind.

I would suggest levelling Tyrum instead of Oberon - Tyrum’s dispell ability is much more useful than Oberon’s damage over time.