Hello community. Joon at 3/70 vs Hi tao 4/70

Hello everyone . I have been playing this game for around 3 months and besides Grazul (I leveled It Up a bit because i dont have a better red ) i didnt have another 5* hero.
This until a few days ago. I was leveling Hu tao , i wasnt very sure of this because him being slow mana hero. I decided to do a summon in the elemental yellow portal and got Joon! I was so Happy …
Anyways many people told me i shouldnt start bulding the House by the roof and that It is better to Max my current 4* heroes.

I Will share with you my hero list . If you can help me to build an useful team for advance events and important quest as well as raid i will be very thankful.

Dont worry about my emblemed three i Will remove those emblema

Joon is one of the better Holy 5s, and Hu Tao is not one of the best 4s, but in your position I think you’ll be better off finishing Hu Tao. I rushed to work on 5s right away when I was getting started and it was definitely a mistake. I suggest leaving Joon alone until you have at least two maxed Holy 4s, if not three.


Thanks for your feedback ! Im not very fond of leveling Hu tao having joon aside but well if experienced people advice me this way i think is the way i have to take

You can do Slow Tao, if there’ll be no others to level any more. Joon even fits in my def.

Hu gets dusty outside of epic rushs or sometimes last war flags. He’s too slow to survive in diamond.

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Hi and congratulations on getting Joon.

If I were giving advice to someone in my alliance… yup… I’m gonna say, “Level your 4* heroes first. They are the backbone of this game. Plus leveling 5* requires a lot of resources and ascension materials equivalent to leveling 2 four star heroes.”

But… if I were in your shoes… I would scrap Hu Tao project and get started with Joon right away.

Joon, Sartana, Magni and Lianna are the classic TC 20 heroes which if I get my hands on them, I would scrap all my other project just to focus on these four heroes.

And I did so with Lianna when I first started this game long time ago, at that time I didn’t even have a full team of maxed 4* yet.

Why? Because good fast sniper is just that… good. Even at 3/70.

So in my opinion, just stop leveling Hu Tao and get going with Joon. :joy: (I think most of our friends in this forum would disagree with me though… lol).

But Joon is just such a good hero that he would perform amazingly even at 3/70.

And then… we have the next contender… Hu Tao.

To be honest, I have Hu Tao since long time ago… and I am very very lacking with my Yellow stacks. Kinda like… I have Chao, Li Xiu, Wu Kong, Hu Tao, Leonidas and Danzaburo. And I have like 12 darts and 19 something orbs… and I only level up Wu Kong (and regret it straight away because I received Miki the next day) and Li Xiu (because I need a very good tank apart from Boril and Kashrekk).

The rest of 4*… I don’t even bother to level them up. They are just… not that interesting. Yup I perform terribly with purple titans… but seriously… most of the 4* yellow seems a bit meh.

With all these 4* heroes I have… Hu Tao stays at the lowest end of my Yellow bench. He is not that bad… just not that interesting to play with and I don’t have Joon.

If one day I receive Joon I might even feed Hu Tao to Joon just to clear my hero roster lol…

So yeah… do Joon first. :joy:


Thanks ! Yeah It was a Big shock when i saw the outcoming from the summoning portal . I wanted to get wu Kong but then joon showed Up.

Can i ask about the rest of my Roster?

A good team would be

Joon little John Grazul Sonia Sabina

There are kashhrek and valeria waiting for being feeded too

Grazzy Sabsy John Joon Sonya