Which Heroes To Get Rid Of

I have a bunch of heroes that I probably dont need. Mostly just regular game play along with occasional war games and raids. Was wondering what you guys would keep or get rid of. Only been playing for a couple of months now. Obviously keep 4&5* heroes. For some reason the last pic isnt converting to PNG so those heroes are Skittleskul, Tyrum, and Ulmer.

Your roster is a mess. How is this even possible, to order the heroes in this way? 1* among 2* and 3*, 2* among 4* and 5* :joy:
Seriously, how did you do it? No order by colour or class as far as I can see… To be easier for other members to help you and not hurt their eyes, just order your roster by power.


Working on getting my food stocks back up for what I call the feeders. Their all the 1*,2* and some 3* heroes that I use for leveling other heroes. Thanks for the tip on organizing my roster by hero`s power ranking.

Ok in my honest opinion, I would start by focusing on three x 3* rainbow teams and level them up. Look at this game as a marathon rather than a sprint race. After your 3* teams look at 2 or 3 four start teams to level up. Focus on your 5* last.
For your 3* teams I would level:
Valen, Mnesseus, Nashgar, Gato, Melia, Gunnar, Kailani, Muggy, Balthazar, Bane, Belith, Berden, Brienne, Chochin, Bauchan and Gill-Ra
You don’t need 2* and 1* heroes unless you want to keep them for raid tournaments

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1* & 2* heroes are feeders to level other higher rated heroes.

I’m only considering three-stars here, as you obviously (and smartly) want to keep all your four- and five-stars. The ones I still have on my roster are: Muggy, Melia, Gunnar, Gato, Gill-Ra, Brienne, Berden, Belith, Bane, Balthazar, Mnesseus, Nashgar, and Valen. I don’t have Chochin or Bauchen, but I’d keep them if I had them.

That said, just because I didn’t keep the others doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, at least for now. Agree with @JGE that building two or three rainbow 3-star teams is the way to go first. Also consider class quests. I literally set up a Google Docs spreadsheet so I could see my best five-hero team for each trial. At one point, I was saving the likes of Prisca, Graymane, Kailani, and Isshtak solely because I didn’t have better options for class quests. I still use Berden and Gunnar in class quests, but I’d keep them even if I didn’t because they are good three-star heroes for challenge events and raid tournaments.


Wow, that’s the first emblemed Sharan I’ve ever seen!

As the others have said, focus on the 3-stars and up. There was a recent 2-star raid tournament but I doubt it will happen often enough to maintain a roster of such heroes.

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New guy in my alliance is at player level 25 and his last war defense team had a Sharon that was like +15! I thought he just didn’t have a better healer - I didn’t for a while - but he also had a maxed Sha Ji, so maybe he just likes Sharon. :man_shrugging:

LOL. Well her character design looks good (Mila Kunis!?) and I know people who refuse to keep Cochin and especially Gill-Ra because they don’t like the way they look … I mean, really now.

Well, I guess for some, aesthetics are a factor in keeping heroes. :rofl:

She was my first healer for a while and I was basicly just playing the game and not really trying to learn it yet.

Well the game does have some butt fugly heroes in it.

I’ve seen some at the 2* raid tournament :slight_smile:

It’s ordered by name. However, the heroes placed in team slots will be displayed on top, no matter which ordering is chosen.

Not sure, but the ones placed in teams are also ordered first by Team Number and then by Name. (Team 1 is strangely Ariel - Gormek - Hu Tao - Rigard - Valen, Team 2: Azar - Gan Ju - Miki - Mnessus - [Someone from Team 1], etc.)

@Gregor.Jax I have a fully emblemed one on my alt.

OK, forgot to upload updated pics of hero roster already used the feeder.

Lampshade head is pretty cool emblemed up. Gil-Ra was just an insult they foisted upon me and gets no level ups. If I use it as food, I can guarantee I will have a new one in weeks so I have a collection of 1.0 heroes on my roster so as to avoid unnecessary duplicates. I’ll never invest resources into a 5* again either. Lower stats than a 4* and slow mana doesn’t provide an incentive.

Sooo, what heroes are not worth keeping? I’m looking for which 3* & 4* heroes are useless and I can use them as chow for the rest without regretting it.

These threes have limited utility in my view: Prisca, Renfeld, Greymane. Dawa, isshtak and Karil aren’t too hot either. Vlad is weak

There are less really crappy fours. I don’t think Boril and Cyprian offer much, but that might be my playstyle. Nobody thinks too much of Gobbler, Boomer and Agwe. And Kashrek has a limited life, once you get a few fours and your opponent has stacking options,he is fairly one dimensional. Kelile is ok but not mind boggling. Skittles and little John are ok in very fast tournament play, but meh outside that in my view

Most others have their place. All my opinion of course

And when I say “limited utility” above, for removal of doubt, they are poo

I am guessing you didn’t mean to include Kiril in this group since you discuss useless 4s (Gobbler, Agwe, Boomer) in the next paragraph. Is my assumption correct?

Thanks. I meant Karil. Have edited the post for clarity

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