Which characters to keep?

Hey new player here i want to know which heroes to keep, focus on, put on the backburner, and which to toss. Also which heroes should i keep duplicates of. Sorry its so many questions and vauge help asked for. So far i like health hp teams but idk if thats optimal.

Do you have any rainbow 3* teams maxed?
(Sorry. Too many pictures for my eyes…)

If you don’t, then start by focusing on building a good 3* team of all colors (rainbow). From your roster, I can suggest the following for the rainbow:

  1. Yellow: Kvasir, Bane
  2. Purple: Bjorn, Balthazar
  3. Green: Grevle, Berden
  4. Blue: Nordri, Gunnar, Valen (optional)
  5. Red: Ei-Dunn, Hawkmoon

Hopefully, you’ll get some idea about the other players after using these teams through map stages and raids. (also, join an alliance if you haven’t already)

Good luck!

  • Sorry for all the pics lol, maybe a list would have been better. In a guild but no one is super chatty or helpful, understandable they are mostly late game.

  • No rainbow 3* team maxed yet, But you are saying use these 3 stars for starting toolbox? I mostly use Rigard, Sartana, and gullinbursti.

  • Keep 2 of each? Kvasir, Bane, Bjorn, Grevle, Ei-dunn, and hawkmoon? idk if a good costume might come out for Kvasir, Bane, Grevle, or Ei-dunn

Think I’m gonna focus on nordi, bane, Balthazar

@Dislad - I am still relatively new (7ish months), and my path was probably all wrong. I lucked out early and pulled an Azlar, Richard, Rigard, and Boril all within a week of each other after a couple of months. They became my focus, and I had a lot of early success. But that has hurt my depth over time. So you should definitely build up some 3s and 4s along the way early while you wait to get 5s.

For me personally, I do not keep any 3* or 4* dupes unless I have played with them and like them a lot. I believe I have 2 dupe 4s (an extra Boril and Boldtusk), and only one dupe 3 (I love Kvasir). If you play with some of them and realize which are worth it to keep for you (definitely keep your extra Rigard, I would kill for an extra), you could actually feed the other dupes to your top line and level them up pretty well. I am not sure if you have 135 heroes or not, but to put it in perspective, I have 80ish heroes. 6 teams for war, and about 15 extra of each color. The majority is unleveled at this point, but comes in handy for specific tournaments and color stacking, so I will eventually level some of them.

As a general rule of thumb, when forming your teams, have at least one healer, and debuffer (which you have both of those with Rigard). One or two for attack, and one or two support. For your defense of your stronghold, you will want a tank in the middle. Plenty of threads on here about which are the best tanks. And tanks vary with skillsets. How they fit together could vary a lot too. Most of what I have discovered has come from trial and error.

As @CaptainjaKCsparrow said, join an alliance, do some raids, and after a little time you will see patterns of combinations that work well at your level and as your level goes up, and ones that don’t.

I hope this helps.

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  • It’s okay. I understand some prefer pictures. :slight_smile:
  • Join an alliance that suits your needs. No point in being in an alliance that doesn’t help you when you need guidance the most.
  • Yes, please start with 3* heroes. In my opinion, the progression is always: build at least 1 rainbow 3* team (preferably, 2 teams) --> then move to working on at least two rainbow 4* teams (preferably, 3 teams)–> AND only then touch any 5* heroes. (The actual number of teams preferred could vary from person to person, but the veterans always advise this same progression and for good reason: First work on solid 3* teams before working on 4* heroes. Then work on solid 4* teams before even thinking about touching those 5* heroes.
  • Forget costumes for now. If you get them, good. Focus on the basics first.

Hope this helps.
Cheers! :slight_smile:


You should fnd a different alliance. I found one (I think it was just the random one the software suggested) with 3 or 4 guys that became great mentors to me. One in particular that I have asked countless questions in discord. Some people in alliances are really willing to help teach newer players that are eager to learn. They realize that by helping you, it helps the alliance. You have a variety of talented heroes in your roster. Success will come with time.

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Hi @Dislad, welcome to the forum.

i think you have gotten some good advice already. I completely agree that you should level up some solid three-star heroes before working on any four-stars. I also think that @CaptainjaKCsparrow has identified some good choices for your to prioritize.

You should pick one hero of each color/element and work on all five of them simultaneously. It is more efficient to feed red feeders to red heroes than to mix colors. It’s sometimes tough given your limited roster space, but try to level up with as many heroes at a time as you can (10’s the max). This will increases the likelihood of improving their special skills.

This game requires a lot of patience. Don’t be tempted to switch focus from leveling up one hero to another, as focus really is the most efficient way to build, even if it means postponing work on a new favorite hero.

When you’ve rounded out some maxed three-star heroes, you can begin to work on some four-stars. They take much more time and consume many more materials, so be warned. Also, some heroes are better than others, or at least, are good in a wider range of contexts. So establishing a priority is a good idea to ensure you’re working on your most useful heroes first. For example, Rigard and Tiburtus are both good purple four-stars, but Rigard is much more handy.

Good luck!


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