Hero of choice for emblems in every class

Who would you give your emblems to in every class for 4* and 5*.

I think the question is simple enough. :slight_smile:

I think this is the master thread on the subject for 5* heroes:

And this thread examines 4* vs 5* choices:


Mine would be (based on my roster):

Barbarian - Kage / Gormek
Cleric - Vivica / Rigard
Druid - Zim / Caedmon
Fighter - Magni / Boldtusk
Monk - Drake / Wu
Paladin - Ares / Falcon
Ranger - Lianna / Triton
Rogue - Domitia / Jackal
Sorcerer - Mitsuko / Ameonna
Wizard - Onatel / Kashrek

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Well I am more curious on everyone choices based on their own personal roster. If not, it would be very boring if most consensus are just the same few names.

Wu, Rigard, Ares, Zeline, Athena, Del, Kage, Jackal, BT. thats the emblem goes for my roster. I don’t have Druid or Sorcerer heroes maxed yet,so this emblem just keep waiting in my warm storage

Barbarian - Azlar / Grimm
Cleric - Vivica / Rigard
Druid - Horghall / Caedmon
Fighter - Magni / Boldtusk
Monk - Joon / Wilbur
Paladin - Frida / Sonya
Ranger - Lianna / Tiburtus
Rogue - Marjana / Scarlett
Sorcerer - Quintus / Skittleskull
Wizard - Isarnia / Kiril

The only difficult choice is between Wu Kong and Wilbur.


From my roster:
Barbarian - Kage/ Grimm
Cleric - Elkanen/ Rigard
Druid - Horghall / Melendor
Fighter - Magni / Boldtusk
Monk - Leonidas/ Wilbur
Paladin - QoH/ Sonya
Ranger - Lianna / Buddy
Rogue - —/ Scarlett
Sorcerer - Quintus / Sabina
Wizard - Sartana/ Kiril

For most 5* classes I only have one option. Only for Babarians (Azlar) and Paladins (Richard&Aegir) I had to choose.
For Druids I’ve spend emblems on Melendor & Ceadmon. Melendor is a bit further now bc I find him more important for war.

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there are some classes that i find them not so usefull;

when first 4* raidT came i emblemed some (for titan usage also)

emblemed only for tile damage: lj, colen
emblemed for def (war and raid): kiril
emblemed because 5star: lianna (just 1 - redhood will be maxed soon and she will be lvl3 with the stripped emblems from lianna) and joon

the only slow 5* I would emblem would be MotherNorth and Alby
otherwise fast and very fast; and maybe some average, maybe.

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For my roster:

Barbarian - Kage/ Grimm
Cleric - Vivica / Rigard
Druid - Zimkitha/ Melandor
Fighter - Magni / Boldtusk
Monk - (haven’t even thought of a 5*)/ Wilbur
Paladin - None. Super lame on Paladins/ Falcon
Ranger - Lianna / Tiburtus
Rogue - Marjana / Kelile
Sorcerer - Quintus / Sabina
Wizard - Sartana/ Kiril

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My emblems are on:

  • Barbarian: Gravemaker +4
  • Cleric: Vivica +4
  • Druid:
  • Fighter:
  • Monk: Tarlak (soon)
  • Paladin: Aegir (soon)
  • Ranger: Evelyn +3
  • Rogue:
  • Sorcerer:
  • Wizard: Sartana +3

  • Barbarian: Gravemaker / Grimm

    • Gravemaker
    • Obakan
    • Gormek
    • Grimm
    • Little John
  • Cleric: Vivica / Rigard

    • Elkanen
    • Vivica
    • Agwe
    • Boril
    • Rigard
  • Druid: Horghall / Caedmon

    • Horghall
    • Caedmon
    • Melendor
    • Gadeirus
  • Fighter: Elena / Boldtusk

    • Elena
    • Magni
    • Boldtusk
    • Colen
    • Hu Tao
    • Sir Lancelot
  • Monk: Tarlak / Wu Kong

    • Joon
    • Leonidas
    • Tarlak
    • Li Xiu
    • Wilbur
    • Wu Kong
  • Paladin: Aegir / Guardian Falcon

    • Aegir
    • Richard
    • Thorne
    • Cyprian
    • Guardian Falcon
    • Sonya
  • Ranger: Evelyn / Tiburtus

    • Evelyn
    • Gregorion
    • Lianna
    • Khagan
    • Chao
    • Tiburtus
    • Triton
  • Rogue: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) / Kelile

    • Dazaburo
    • Kelile
    • Scarlett
  • Sorcerer: Quintus / Skittleskull

    • Quintus
    • Ameonna
    • Sabina
    • Skittleskull
  • Wizard: Sartana / Merlin

    • Sartana
    • Kashhrek
    • Kiril
    • Merlin

From my roster:

Barbarian - Azlar (tile damage, tile damage, tile damage) and Grimm (probably only the first node).
Cleric - Ariel (at 4^67 now, enhance her defense and HP) and Kunchen (lost space after Ariel).
Druid - Zimkitha and Melendor
Fighter - Magni / Boldtusk
Monk - Wilbur (tile damage and defense, try to mix) and Wu Kong (not reliable enough for being emblemed)
Paladin - Guardian Falcon (tile damage to improve red stack) and Frida (the same, but she won’t be maxed soon)
Ranger - Evelyn (tile damage) and Buddy (defense).
Rogue - Scarlett (tile damage) and Guardian Jackal (tile damage and improve yellow stack).
Sorcerer - Ameonna and Cheshire Cat (in a nutshell: no one, CHOCHIN is receiving the emblems right now).
Wizard - Guinevere (defense and HP), Hel, Sartana, Proteus, Onatel. WHY SO MANY WIZARDS?

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I read some topics about emblems strategy on 4* or 5* but rarely I see explanation when 20 level is worth to reach.

I see suggestion about teaching level with mana speed with troops lvl 11 or more.

Other answer is to distribute emblems among different heros in given class. But then—as I understand— you have bunch of equal cards wihout one superior.

It is especially confusing when you have divergent set of heros from 4* and 5* — as there are suggested hero who should be equip with emblems but no explanation how far it should be.

I read that for someone the rule is 6 level, but explanations are missing.

Therefore I wonder do you have some other guidelines in this respect? What are your decision criteria for going to full emblems?

Here’s a great thread - perhaps you didn’t find it when you searched the topic? GL


I go to full emblems if the hero is worthy. A lot of the spread it around crowd had lots of heroes already when emblems arrived. I didn’t. So, for example, I had 18 levels on Skittleskull and a stockpile of Sorcerer emblems before I ever saw a Sabina.

I took Boldtusk to 20, no costume. He’s average so it takes a level 23 mana troop to improve his speed on attack. With the mana choice at node 19, that could change to a level 17 troop. I don’t have a level 17 red mana troop so I didn’t choose mana. If I got one in the future, I could reset Boldtusk and make a different choice. That’s assuming I’d attack with Boldtusk frequently and want him to get that mana troop instead of another hero. It takes a long time to get a mana troop leveled, so I’ll get lots of use out of Boldtusk this way. On defense, a mana boost always helps some regardless of troop, but the hero has to be in your raid defense or tournament defense or war defense. There are enough reset emblems that with careful use it’s not an issue.

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Tough to say that there is a right or wrong way to use emblems, unless you are putting them on 3s or smaller. Based on my roster, here are my choices:

At the 4 range, only three heroes have +20 next to them, and that is Wilbur, Proteus and Jackal. I can’t see that changing as they are key and need the boosts.

Joon, Onatel and Marj have gotten the emblems ever since those 4s finished up. They are around +7 now. I opted to address their weaknesses rather than accentuate their strengths. Tough call to not emblem up Guin but she doesn’t get any benefit from the class.

The rest are 5s between +15-19. Ares, Kunchen, Evelyn, Kingston, Kage, Zim and Ursena. With a ridiculous number of resets handy, I am pretty solid in my decisions.

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