⚔ Hero League: 2nd Global Beta!

Get ready for the 2nd global beta of Hero League!

This league will feature 5 of our oldest and most beloved Families, the Challenge Festival I gang (Pirates, Teltoc, Avalon, Grimforest, Wonderland). Make sure to utilize the new and much-improved Featured Family Bonuses!

Please also note the following adjustments from the previous global beta:

  • Added resources as a reward for League battles (Iron, Food, Recruits). The level of awards is identical to those of Global Raid battles
  • Adjusted the number of attacks players can do in the Hero League Maximum daily attacks vary from round to round:
    • Round 1: max. 4 per day
    • Round 2: max. 6 per day
    • Round 3: max. 8 per day
    • Round 3: max 10 per day
  • Fleeing battles is now counted as a Defeat instead of getting 0 points
  • Communication of Hero League Battle Bonus Points improved
  • The indicator showing the player ranking in the league and whether they are at risk of elimination has been improved
  • Fixed the Boosted Class indicator in the Team Edit Screen
  • Added an option to prioritize heroes that gain bonuses during the Hero League when assembling the League Defense and Attack Teams

Best of luck in the battles!