🎖 [Master Discussion] Hero League – Log, Overview, Attacking, Matchmaking, Scoring and Rewards

Hero League is coming back with big bonuses to the original challenge event families. If you have hte newer heroes from those families, I don’t see how you don’t use them. Is this enough for me to use Queen of Hearts? I guess Jackal and Peters can be good on attack. Shrubbear may be worth taking on all attacks.

This is a nice update. But how are they identical unless they act as a regular raid flag (if I attack X player at that exact time that’s the resources available at that time). I guess that also means recruits depend on arena level?

The scalling of attacks is interesting. I guess that’s helpful. Unfortunately, for the last week, if you aren’t in the top rankings, it’s not necessarily worth it to use flags.

This will make a lot of people much happier theoretically