⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Jove

I just don’t understand when “minor damage” turned into 500-600 damage per hero (LB2 Jove). Can anybody quantify the % of that hit?

I think that is half of full damage, so like 275%

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Nerfing is theft.
Once they’ve made a strong hero, leave it.
THE answer is don’t make [edit]… heroes [with such an increase in power] again.
It’s WRONG to take back what players have pulled for.

I partially agree with you and totally disagree with the leave him be part and never release such strong hero again. So, you are saying, Jove should stay top5 hero in the game forever?


If there is to be a top five, then five heroes have to be in it. Why shouldn’t the current top five remain in and arround top positions? Why can’t new heroes fit in and around current heroes by offering a variety of abilities as their appeal without a continual rush of power “creep”?
Sure, release heroes that are as powerful, just not heroes that are x stronger than the ones before (which is the pattern that has often been followed).

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