Hero Academy 10 and Training Camp 20 Tracker

You’ve got some pretty good blues even if they are slow… I wanted Miki so bad :frowning:

Depending on what level your farms are and S1 5* need I think its definitely worth running at least one TC20 24/7. I’ve had my 2 running for two years and got all the blue 5* apart from Isarnia who I got from a summon. Still don’t have Marjana or Lianna so no guarantees!

I usually just do all my TCs to help get more feeders
I have 2x11, 1x13 and 1x20

When AR is here I use the TC 11s and the TC 20 to do TC2 feeders (my tc 13 is set to 1249 days of feeders on TC11 so i dont want to try change that, too tedious)… but then when I am out of Backpacks, I do the normal TC 11 feeders

I just recently maxed Lianna, and LOVE her with my Evelyn.
I would LOVE Marjana, too. But I am already working on JF + Elena for my red 5* (JF = 4/55 and Elena is 4/18)

I’m jealous of those with that combo! I’ve been unlucky and lucky with greens. I only had Atomos and no S1 5* green up until January this year and have only got Horghall from TC20 since… but managed to get Zeline, Telluria and Heimdall from summons so greens have switched from being my worst to one of my best but still lack snipers.

My reds are by far my worst now, only have Azlar and JF maxed. I do have Elena as well but I’m waiting for something better - she’s OK but I don’t want 2 slows ascended, not yet anyway.


I have updated the first post to include Hero Academy 10 Results as I assume some will have it built or close to having it built very soon. I have also added charts tabs for both HA10 and TC20 so you can see your results in all their glory (or not so much in my case)!

As before if there are any errors let me know and if anyone wants to translate it to any other languages feel free.


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