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Hi Everyone,

I created a calculator for training camp so that you can quickly see how much XP you’ll be receiving.

Training Camp Calculator

  • You select the training camp level you are currently using.
  • You input the number of feeders you are currently leveling for that particular training camp level.
  • The calculator spits out how much XP you’ll receive per training camp and in total as well as time frame.

This also has a chart to show how much XP will be needed to level a hero up (big shout out to MuaaDip for their work, I referenced the hero levels from their XP chart).

If anyone finds any bugs or have any tips in how to improve, please comment! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this.


TC13 should be 35 recruits per day (cell E14) - I see the issue now, you missed the formula that you applied to all of the other cells.

Edit: Also, I think that your percentages for TC13 and TC20 are off in calculating column H. I thought that the TC13 split was 95/5, and the TC20 split was 70/25/5. Right now the TC20 split only adds up to 95%.


Thanks for catching those!

I went ahead and fixed it. I didn’t know what the split for TC13 was so I went by what I found online.

Based on experience, it’s 99/1 :stuck_out_tongue: but I think the value I’ve seen posted here is 95/5.

Also, sorry, I think TC20 should be 75/20/5, rather than 70/25/5 (even though in this case, my experience has been closer to the latter figure).

Thanks for putting this together!

One consideration/suggestion - for recruit-poor people like me that don’t like to feed off color - add a switch that you can flip to do the calculations assuming same color feeding only and splitting the exp totals five ways. So basically, have the formulas in column H switch between columns L and K, and then divide the totals in D3:D7 by five. So the end result in D3:D7 would be xp per hero, rather than total xp.

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I’ll think about the same-color thing if more people seem to use this sheet.

Btw, if you’re recruit-poor, try farming Atlantis Rising S2-15-9 Normal to farm recruits. If you have loot tickets, even better but even without, I’ll get 28-30 recruits per 4 flags. I usually end up with about 5000-6000 recruits every time Atlantis Rising rolls around. This is when I use all of my world flag refill flasks. Special events tend to give out about 12-15 world flasks (and I always place bottom tier lol).

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