My experiences with TC20s so far (via graphs)

Alright so I’ve burned through my fair share of TC20 trainings and since I kept track of what was going on - I can at least share it with you guys and you can decide for yourself whether investing more training time to TC20s is something you want to do, or use those training camps to build up the heroes you already have.

I have done about 200 TC20 pulls and made some graphs from the data. If anyone wants the code/data itself for whatever reason, they can message me. The pictures are a little bit small on the forum so I’ll post the links to them underneath. Anyway, here are some of the graphs I’ve made based on that data.







If you have any other ideas on what other interesting facts can be gathered from this dataset, give me shout. I’ll most likely update the graphs after I do another 50-100 pulls.
Also if I missed one of the S1 heroes in this data, tell me, I tried to get them all but you never know. Hope this helps.


Personally my percentages are the same after 40 pulls

2 5s, 8 4s, rest 3*s

All I know is, my gem pulls, Atlantis coin pulls, and other assorted pulls lately are all resulting in :poop:
So I’ve fired up 2 TC20s.

Not that it matters. I could use those TCs to make more feeders, but I already have several heroes sitting at 3.60 / 3.70 waiting for AMs. So unless my TCs can be converted to give me scopes, compasses, sturdy shields, etc.? Nahhh… didn’t think so.

As disappointing as it is to pull an endless supply of 3* heroes from both TCs and summons, it’s still not quite as disappointing as having some decent heroes and knowing that it will take me months before I can finish leveling them. :confused:


I just did my 50th TC20 pull. 47 3*, 1 Sonya, one Li Xiu, and 1 Vivica (my fourth). Frankly, was hoping for more. Oh, well, only 17 hours and 15 minutes until my next 3*…

I will start doing this with my results as they all seem really poor. I.e. recently Gunnar, Hawkmoon, Graymane and today Bane. May possibly have had a 4-star at some point, definitely not seen a single 5. If other forum members wish to add their own results here I will gladly include them. (Screenshot evidence would be good. (Options > Support > Recent Activity perhaps?)).

Both RENFELD and Berden are 11, I predict Renfeld will come out again and claim that title as Most common 3*.

Did 59 pulls from TC myself, my percentage are about the same.

Nice work thete.
I seriously do envy you your 5% success rate with 5*.
Iam at 125 pulls without SINGLE 5* (since day 1 of my first TC20) and counting.

Is there any trick with TC20, which iam missing lol?

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