Help with yellows

Okay, have darts for one yellow 5 star but not overly fussed on any of those I have availavle. Akkarog just seems very ‘meh’ overall and his resrranging seems it would only be marginally useful. Norms is siniliarly underwhelming. Joon and Justice are fine but having Thor and Neith maxed makes me feel I’d just never use them. Of all my options I find myself leaning towards a second Uraeus because he’s such an amazing sniper and punishes anyone with minions. Thoughts?

I’d say wait. There are 2 Holy 5* in the upcoming Starfall Circus event + the July HoTM Devana

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Mmm I do want Devana! Starfall I’ll be trying for Fluffy and his friend but I wouldn’t say no to a yellow 5 star either :stuck_out_tongue: Good call!

But I do have 10 darts so it won’t be long til I have to decide either way!

Aim for the yellow circus girl faline, she’s really good