Help with yellow team

My yellow team is pretty weak, I only have Drake+18 and Joon+7. I have 8 darts, but apart from these two that are at the most, I only have one more Drake and 2 Joons, I’m afraid to raise another Drake, because he was already a great hero, but in the current meta he seems to be weak. What would you more experienced people do? my pulls are at most about 20 a month.

I’d wait until you have at least 12 darts. Upping a 2nd drake is useful for depth, but painful when you pull an amazing yellow that you don’t have a ascention materials for.



Friend, my fear is exactly that, the same feeling. hug.

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Knowing you can’t pull for white rabbit costume or Faline, I actually think you should pair with a limit-broken Guardian Jackal.

The combination should confirm kill 1 opponent while leaving two more blind. Creates a gap that you can throw empty tiles to increase your chances of firing again.

Yellow in general is pretty weak offensively vs other colors. There are so many fast hit-3s for blue, green, purple and soon red. Yellow needs some love.


don’t do dupe as new heroes gallore are on the way

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However, it is practically impossible to obtain them.

drake and joon are very old heroes, so personally having dupes is considered at lost as mats aren’t easy to get.

but it is ur game. once u spend the mats to ascend dupes u need to re-hoard it again pretty long time.

u better running TC20 to collect some 5* to be traded in sould exchange for a guaranteed yellow

Perfect placement friend, problem that, I’m running two TC20, in 3 months, only 3 5*, at this rate it will take too long to have 15 heroes to exchange, but that’s what I have and I’ll do it that way, thanks for the help.

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