Help with next purple and yellow 5 stars


So, thoughts on who to max next. Purple I’m just… somebody convince me that useless weirdo Myzerto deserves six of my 20 (TWENTY!) talbards! Because I’ve had him sitting at 3/70 for a year and have to force myself to use him, he’s just… so dissapointing for a character so hard to get.
Obakan and Quintus are both so pitiful in battle I’m super likely to feed them both to Soul Exchange.
So just… wait on purples? Note that I’m ftp now so my odds of new 5 stars are low.

Yellow my two main options are Akkorog and Norns but they’re both so ‘meh’ I just… would pretty much rather ascend a second Devvy or Uraeus before I’d bother with them. Norns is so underwhelming she’s a Soul exchange candidate, it doesn’t seem worth having her around hoping she’ll be buffed.
Akkorog is sort of okay, I just don’t like him because he rearranges before his hit so often misses a 3 hit. His fast speed is a redeeming factor but… I do really lean towards a second Devana just because she’s so incredible, especially after helping me complete S4.
Justice I just don’t need between having Neith and Thor.

Should I just use some of those 20 talbards, bite the bullet and finish Myzerto? I feel he’d sit there as more of a trophy than anything. Only have 8 darts so yellow I could sit on… thoughts appreciated!



  • Myztero
  • Quintus
  • Obakana
  • dup C.Sartana
  • Wait

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  • Akkorog
  • Norns
  • dup Devana
  • Wait

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Any chance you have another Leo somewhere to get a dup costume Leo?

I voted for Myztero. I think it’s an easy yes. You may find him underwhelming, but Quintus and Obakan won’t give you any different of a feeling. You have plenty of tabards to use. Only reason I wouldn’t is if you were working on a different hero. But given the number of status inflicting enemies there are, I think he’s an easy yes. I’d even be leveling a second costume Sartana at some point (because you don’t have much else).

Holy I would wait until you maybe get to around 10 darts. After that I’d go Devana. But I’d also be hoping for a Leo from any source so I could have duplicates of him.

Given you have only 8 darts left, I’d personally wait for some other yellow heroes to come by.
I have Norns sitting at 3/70 since forever too, she isn’t amazing but has been useful for mythic titan and sometimes against yurple teams in war.

Hmm your purple options are slightly tricky. Since I’m gathering that you don’t find much fun in using Myztero (in a way that he doesn’t suit your play style) - I personally don’t think it’d be any useful for you to ascend him for the sake of it. I’m a F2P player myself and have close to 20 tabards lying around, but just waiting on the right hero to use it :slight_smile:

But if you really want to ascend a purple hero - my vote would go to Dup C.Sartana. I enjoyed using my non-costumed Sartana, she’s been quite sturdy and useful, can only imagine how much better she will be with a costume!

Ruskin you’re such a gem, why didn’t I think of a poll?? :kissing_heart:

Huh. I almost never feed 5 stars… but I must have fed my second Leonidus! I had him maxxed early on as my very first yellow 5 star in the game, and maxxed hia costume asap when I got it last year… but I just double checked and I have no dupe of him!

So Norns is okay on Mythic? I’ll read up on that before feeding her to SE. Mythic titan hits are one of my game goals.

You know I never really considered another C Sartana… she’s good and I use her in my main purple team, but I don’t know her attack is really powerful enough to warrant a second one of her. But it’s something to consider :smiley: