Vivica vs Inari

I have Onatel, Drake,Leo, Joon and Vivica all topped out.
I have a second Joon at 3-70 and Inari also at 3-70

I just pulled a costumed Vivi and got the 6th darts. I had been leveling Inari as a def and alternative to a second healer in attack bu the new vivi just through a wrench into the mess.

My raid def team at this point in:
Zim +4,Drake+7,Seshat+8, Onatel+1 and Morgan+8

I regularly use a 3-2 attack in raid and war. In war I will use a 2-2-1.
Against purple tanks it is Vivi, drake and usually Jackel+9 or if i need more HP it Joon.

so four questions;

  1. do I proceed if Inari to the 4th chevron or bring up second Vivi
  2. Am i using the best hero’s for the purple tanks
  3. do i plow through the Vivi costume before anything else
  4. Is my def team using the best use of yellows???

PS. I frequently bring two healers to each war round unless I have a major advantage. So I also us Anzogh as a 1/2 healer which would be the roll of Inari

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I’d do this… she’s like a yellow kunchen


cViv :heart_eyes: :shushing_face:


Given how extra costume level, and with 4 TC’s going, then what? Second Vivi? or fourth chevron for Inari?

I don’t do dupes as a rule, so I would do inari

That’s how I like to play, but it might not be the best plan in terms of gameplay, so get other opinions :slightly_smiling_face:

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Other opinions are VERY important.


+1 for Inari and the costume. You can use off-color for Inari and feed holy to the costume or something.

I use Jackal + Drake + Joon in my stack. I don’t see a need for more than one healer in raid/war, you can’t heal anybody to death :smile:

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i would do the costume on your maxed vivica and ascend inari. i use inari, attack-jackal+19 and rana+5 to execute the kunchen tanks, works quite well. inari has great tile damage!

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2nd Inari?
Maybe - since she’s the most cute, but not at all for playing. She’s a gamble, but you can rely on Viv, especially on cViv.

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Costume Vivica first imo.

You can get a good feel for switching between both once you level up her costume form. From there, you can decide on whether you want a second Vivica maxed or not.

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Vivica Costume as #1 priority!!

Then I would say Inari but not for the reasons you think… I levelled her for her attack stat… anytime that tiles are needed for killing, Inari is my go to yellow. Her attack stat is massive without any emblems… easily the highest yellow

I have had Inari maxed since the month she came out - I like her a lot and she featured on my Yellow A team for a long time. But White Rabbit took her spot, then Viv’s costume came along during the first event… and inari got moved down to the B team. Viv’s costume makes her way more viable and while Inari is still good, I’d rather have a Viv on a B and C team than Inari.

Costume first, then a second Viv

U’ll convinced to push for the costume first but how to you play then emblem game for the Vivi when what you really on the emblem side and that really not available to follow?

You can toggle between them…

So simply level the costume up first. Then when it’s maxed you can see the talent grid of BOTH…

So look at the Costume Viv talent grid, choose if you want to go Left or Right.

Then go back to Normal Viv talent grid & follow through on your choice.

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