Help with who I should use

Hello everyone
I am conflicted on who to use for my main. I have Sartana, Kutchen, Kingston, Mariana, Vela and Vivica. My problem comes down to Vivica, Kutchen, Vela and Sartana. Should I run dual purple? Dual healers? Not sure where to go Vivica is my newest w/outfit so close to same as Kutchen just not as tanky. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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It depends. Main what? Defense?

If you have the Vivica costume leveled, I’d probably do Vivica + Vela from those you mentioned, just so you don’t end up with 2 slow healers. 2 Healers is OK I would say, but 2 times slow not really.

If you’re talking offense, it’s a case by case, depending on which team you are facing


Main for raid defense. You basically said what I was thinking so I think I’m on the right track. I was worried about having two healers and not enough attack (expecially slow). Also didn’t really want bench Sartana. Thanks for your input.

Hero use on offense depends on your playstyle and what team you’re facing. I play 3-2 myself, which is 3 strong against the most problematic enemy (usually tank, but not always) and the other 2 are different color from the main stack, usually support or counters against another problematic flank.

I dunno if you use this kind of playstyle though.

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