Help with war deffense team

Hi, thanks in advance to everybody how reads this. I tend to do oversized posts, so I"ll try to be brief.
My current ascended 4* are (maxed, no emblems):
Yellow: Wu.
Purple: Tiburtus, Rigard (costume), Proteus.
Red: BT (costume), Colen.
Green: Kashreek, Caedmon.
Blue: Boril, Sonya.
My previous setupp was: BT, Boril, Kashreek, Sonya, Tib
I’m triying now: Tib, BT, Sonya, Colen, Caedmon and I find it to be worse.
I want the stronger possible deffense to help my alliance, was thinking about: Caedmon, Sonya, Costume Ridgard, Boril, Colen.
Any thougs? Am I missing something obvious?

Is your alliance running a specific tank’s color?

No, I’m in a very carerfree alliance.

Yeah Sonya is not great at tanking. She has good defense and class, but her skill isn’t threatening enough in that spot.

I’m assuming your alliance isn’t using same-color tanks, since you switched Kashh -> Sonya.

I would try this:

Caedmon | Tiburtus | Boldtusk | Sonya | Proteus

And I would strongly recommend embleming those heroes too. None of them interfere with their classes.

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Then I would say:
Caedmon - Colen - Ranger Rigard - Wu Kong - Sonya


I left Wu out because I read he is not very good on deffense. Was that a mistake then?

He isn’t the best defender bet he does still help in most of the cases… my earlier defenses had him flanking Kashhrek for a very, very long time and the results weren’t so bad.

In 5* territory he is however very appetible dish :stuck_out_tongue:


I probably would try both your option and FraVit93 one. Would BT be enough as a healer though?

I think BT will be enough. Defense teams in wars fight with the added help of the territory.
In raids I am not so sure if he would be enough as a healer.

The appeal of Fighter Boldtusk / Ranger Rigard as tanks is their big attack buffs to their team. That and their durability is what makes them good tanks (as far as 4*s are concerned), since they let their allies kill the attacker faster.

Note that FraVit’s suggestion also surrounds Ranger Rigard with heroes that have high attack stats, to take advantage of said attack boost he provides. No more healers necessary.

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Thanks for the ideas. I"ll share my experiences in case other players who read the post later find them interestings. The curious thing is that you all sugested a single healer in the most risky position, but well, is not like my roster is so rich to give many options. :sweat_smile:
I also though, as you all sugested, that more attakers would be more efficient than many healers, but it seems I was wrong with my tank choice. Thanks.

Probably the time to emblem BT at least (as the tank) has come. Altough I felt like emblems should be used to make specials more relevants, and in that regard is ilogical give them to a healer. But that would mean that the only right path for embleming would be attak, and I also felt that you should emblem heroes to higlight their strengths , not to cover their weaknes. I"ll have to make some researchs and readings to figure out, the problem is I’m a very emblem conservative f2p and so I’m still completly wet under my ears on that regard.

The other purpose of emblems is to make the hero more beefy, since emblems also increase stats.

Both Rigard and Boldtusk have great natural defense stats already – with costume bonus and emblems, they can basically have 5* stats.

Feel free to ask questions on what paths to follow in talent trees :slight_smile: For both Boldtusk and Rigard, I recommend taking the shield path as much as possible.

Many thanks. I would not emblem all my 4* yet, as I have few resset emblems. But some powerfull ones, like the two you mentioned and Proteus, probably would have their emblem share. I have doubts with him. I gess he is attak path, but would he beneffit from it?

I maxed defence/HP .

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@FraVit93 @DaveCozy, I’m triying something in between your two options, as I preffer to stay deffense rainbow and I like Tiburtus deffense down.

Now sure BT seems a hard chunk to bite.


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