Help with war defence please

Hi All

I’ve been getting one-shot a lot recently so I thought I’d ask the experts for some suggestions!


  • Mid-tier alliance, with about 6-7 4600+ players and others around 4100-4400 (usually facing the same)
  • Green tanks
  • Happy to move emblems around (unless I need 3 heroes of the same class)
  • Level 23 mana troops

Options (Maxed 5s)
Green: c-Yunan, LOTL, c-Lianna, Kingston, Phileas Fogg, Mother North, Gregorion, Morgan
Blue: Cobalt, Lepus, Ariel, Morel, Miki, Isarnia, Magni
Red: Gefjon, Vanda, Gravemaker, Zimkitha, Marjana, c-Azlar, Tyr, Jean-Francois
Yellow: Roostley, Mica, Malosi, Joon, Uraeus, c-Vivica, Poseidon
Purple: Alfrike, Hel, Sartana, Clarissa, Grimble, Domitia, Kunchen

Some questions
My gut feel is that my best defence might be Cobalt - c-Vivica - c-Yunan - Morel - Gefjon:

  • This provides debuff, cleanse, defence down (x2)


  1. Is c-Yunan my best tank? I used LOTL for a long time but she seems too fragile to hold off 4600+ opponents.
  2. Should I use mana troops or crit troops for the tank?
  3. Is the Roostley/Lepus family bonus better than Cobalt + one other? But Roostley/Lepus would mean I’d need to replace c-Vivica as healer.

I’d appreciate any suggestions or comments. Thanks!

I can imagine c yunan to be a really tough to beat tank. His original is already quite tricky to play around and this costume with the mana gen and cleanse is going to wreck, especially on rush.
Depends, would prefer more defensive capabilities for the tank. Probably crit troops
Don’t have ninja bonus, but Springvale bonus makes it so that they shrug off attack down easily. Really good family bonus

Hey OP

It sounds like we are similar in strength. I don’t use a healer in my defence at all, haven’t done for a long while. Probably it makes me vulnerable to fiend creators but thankfully they are thin on the ground.
And it allows more danger into my team!

I would choose something like: Poseidon-Hel-cYunan-GM-Cobalt

Thanks @Tidyup and @Bwang for your comments, interesting insights and provides some food for thought!

  • I used c-Yunan (+18) for the first time yesterday and my defence already seems more solid. Looking forward to getting him +20 for the extra defence.
  • I’ll try crit troops next war, I’ve been using mana so far but I think that’s because I needed LOTL to fire for the heal + minions.
  • I’ve never considered a no-healer defence (mainly because had to use LOTL anyway) but I might try it now that c-Yunan can shield my team more effectively.
  • Any reason for suggesting Poseidon + Hel? I rarely see either on defence nowadays, are they still relevant in today’s meta?

I’d say Poseidon and Hel are still tough enemies. You could also try Santana wing and Roostley flank. Depends on who’s emblemed up too if course.
Maybe a cheeky Alfrike flank if you’re feeling spicy!

Need to get more emblems on Sartana, working on it now as my initial wizard emblems went to Hel, Alfrike and Cobalt. With 959 defence I’m seriously tempted to use Alfrike in defence more often (definitely using her this week for rush!) Thanks again for your help!

I´d probably go with C- Yunan too.

Depending on the war and not taking emblems into consideration.
Blue: Cobalt for most wars except rush, I´d go with Miki. Lepus is an option on equalizer.
Red: Gefjon, C-Azlar when rush, GM when arrows and Tyr when heal.
Yellow: Vivica, I´d go with Joon or Roostley on equalizer wars.
Purple Hel for most of the wars, Alfrike would go in rush.

Thanks! A lot more love for Hel than I expected, I’ll need to take another look at fitting her into the defence.

Vivica or c-Vivica? I’ve already got c-Yunan for the cleanse so I’ve been leaning towards c-Viv for the dispel.

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